Letter from the Editor


Irene Neuwirth

Welcome to BeJeweled. We hope that you will enjoy sharing in our unique vision and our unwavering passion for the art and soul of fine and rare jewelry. We love a good story and believe that each jewel has a tale to tell, which is why, in each issue we enlist cutting-edge designers, renowned houses, collectors, style icons and revered authors and celebrities to share their connections to certain pieces as well as heartfelt, humorous superstitions and secrets, significant moments and experiences.

Each month, our columns and features talk about jewels that capture our imagination as we hope they will capture yours, from famed jewelry collectors to your fellow jewelry enthusiasts on Instagram. We are also enchanted by the lore and legend behind certain gems throughout history and how those jewels affected events throughout the ages. For all women, jewelry acts as a time post: whether received as gifts, or chosen for oneself, these pieces represent the personal tastes, intimate memories and the lives of the women who wear them.

For the novice collector to the connoisseur, we make it easy for you to find out all you want to know about jewelry. We are always hot on the trail of the finds, what to wear and buy, from the most exclusive, rare and collectible to the most timely and relevant antique pieces to contemporary designers that will amaze and captivate you.

We love sharing all of the facets influencing jewelry, providing well-rounded insight into jewelry’s past, present and future. We cover global exhibits and events. Our columns and features reflect our unique perspective—frank and forthcoming, sometimes irreverent in our voice and authentic in our choices. Our  candid interviews  offer a glimpse into the minds and worlds of leading designers.  Some of our columns include: In Her Jewel Box, we show what collectors of various styles wear, keep and cherish, and of course, the stories behind them. Icons and Inspirations is a column, which focuses on the most influential jewelry collectors of different time periods and how they continue to inspire us. In Designer’s Dish, we ask leading designers off-the-cuff questions and their advice on a range of fun and eclectic topics.


Jacqueline Cullen

Style Advice lets you in on all of our trade secrets while Getting Personal opens up a treasure trove of stories that will make you laugh and completely relate. In our In Read my Jewels, we review current and must-have jewelry books and reveal quotes from classic novels, poetry and writings throughout time. Movie geeks that we are, we created Screen Gems, which show how the jewels in different scenes influence those seen on the streets, from the Golden Age of Hollywood through current day. There is much more to uncover as you explore our debut issue.

We are jewelry obsessed and cannot resist a rare find, a distinctive new designer, the ultimate shopping experience. We hope you will join on our journey to discover the best that jewelry that has to offer.

Beth Bernstein