12 Great Gifts For The Season And Beyond

This holiday season, Bejewedmag.com brings back its 12 Gifts For The Holidays which feature pieces from independent and emerging designers. This year’s gifts range from must-have items that have made a strong comeback such as lariat necklaces and hoop earrings to symbolic and sentimental pieces that take on different significance depending on the wearer. Here we feature a cross-section of the trendsetting and meaningful which will add a smile and a little sparkle to the receiver of the gift. Additionally, these are all pieces that women can easily purchase for themselves to commemorate a memory, accomplishment or occasion from the past year. Wishing you all happy holidays and many shining moments in the New Year. 

Thea Miller of Dru Jewelry’s pieces reflect protection, strength, faith, the ability to rebound, all while retaining a sense of humor and grace. She designs for the woman of today – a woman not unlike herself – independent and fierce, who wear talisman to help guide and also allow the world to know a little about them.  Shields that are a form of armor have held the meaning of safeguarding over time. Thea features a combination of edgy modern renditions of baby and large shield pendants that offer double the protection in 14K gold with white diamond and emerald centers.

Dru Jewelry 14K and white diamond Shield Pendant $1355, 14K and emerald Baby Shield Pendant $705, Chain sold separately: 14K Antique Link Necklace with Link Clasp $1885-$2730

Emily Hirsch for Talon has created a collection that ranges from zodiacs to sacred hearts, rising phoenix to skull motifs. Emily draws inspiration from various sources and then remasters them into tattoo motif influenced talisman that provide strength, hope, and foresight for the wearer. These mismatched studs include a motif of a snake (rebirth) and a crescent moon (female empowerment) and a crescent moon and sword (protection).

Talon studs are sold separately and are available with 1 mm stones such as the snake and moon (emerald) and the moon and sword (diamond), in 14K gold. $246 each.

Influenced by streamlined and spare forms with a nod to the geometric lines of the Art Deco movement, Lindley Gray creates jewelry with a finely-tuned contemporary and utterly wearable slant. She has named this her Foundation Pendant. It’s one that can be worn alone every day or layered with other graduated pendants and necklaces.

Lindley Gray’s center pendant is white sapphire with white diamond pave bale in 14K yellow gold $2596

Yoki Creations  designer Yokabid Worku creates limited edition pieces in the tradition of mid-century jewelers. Her long swingy 18K clusters of 26 pear-shaped rhodalite garnet and diamonds earrings are perfect for the festive gatherings during the season and long after. These statement earrings are available in a variety of gemstones. The garnets are in keeping with the shades of berry reds, so strong for holiday into winter.

Yoki Creations Raindrop on Roses garnet and gold linear earrings $8700

Samantha Jackson for Heavenly Vices has amazingly amassed over 4,000 love tokens from the 1800s onward, which were produced in silver and gold. They were ground down on the front so that they could be personalized with initials, sayings or motifs that was meaningful to the giver and recipient in a time when speaking feelings was taboo and there was a whole language of saying how one felt through jewelry. Couldn’t get more sentimental or romantic than that.  Samantha sets the original one-of-a-kinds in different styles of diamond and gemstone bezels and bales, adding a current feeling to the collection.  Samantha also noticed that numerous unique motifs and sayings in the coins spoke to a wide demographic of jewelry collectors and she is producing an exclusive group in silver and all karats of gold, with solid blank backs so they can be individualized with initials or new dates. Featured is a rare authentic one-of-a-kind love token engraved and enameled with forget-me-not flowers and set in a 14K yellow gold and white diamond bezel.

Heavenly Vices Enamel Forget Me Not Flowers on US Gold Liberty $3 Coin set into a diamond 14K gold bezel, $4,500.00

Seal & Scribe’s designer Shari Cohen created a completely different and equally compelling designer around the same sentiment. Shari creates modern mountings for the most charming antique seals. She scouts out broken down fobs and rings that have beautiful seals with sentimental and meaningful mottos and motifs that she can save and then reworks into hand-made and one-of-a-kind settings. The results are necklaces and rings that have a unique character of the past with her vision for how they can be worn in the present as in this ‘Forget Me Not’ one-of-a-kind floral shank ring in 18K gold set with tsavorites in the flowers and with circa 1800’s purple glass ‘Forget Me Not’ seal.

Seal & Scribes 18K gold shank with tsavorites and antique glass seal ring $3250

Every woman needs a pair of hoops and Karen Karch’s twining vines large hoops offer a combination of inspirations that are a little bit feminine and a little bit rock and roll. These hoops feature the rough-hewn tactile interest found in nature. They are on-trend yet uniquely designed, a gift that is as individual as the woman who is going to wear them.

Karen Karch double Vine Hoops of twining vines cross, which cross over one another on opposite sides in 14K gold. $2600

Inspired by the mystery and magic of the night sky, Pamela Zamore has designed a collection of celestial motifs that also reflect her love for texture and gemstones. The Octagon Star Pendant glimmers in 18K gold with an ethereal moonstone center and sparkly diamond accents.

Pamela Zamore hand-finished 18K pendant with blue sheen moonstone and diamonds, $4,200


Darsana Jewelry by Kathleen Sleigh’s version of a locket. In place of a picture Kathleen has placed a hand-cut and beveled piece of antiqued mirror to symbolize the reflection of the wearer—”her beauty and light that shines from her soul.” On the front is a cross motif with scattered black diamonds.

Darsana Jewelry  hand-cut antique reproduction mirror slice is sealed and protected and is set in brushed satin-finished 14K gold with a 24” cable chain in 14K gold. $2150

What can be more sentimental than giving the gift of hugs and kisses for holiday? Kathryn Giarratano for Lalya G has designed her XOXO collection of single earrings to mix, mismatch or match up into pairs. Here they are shown as a mismatched set of a diamond X in an open shield shape and an O with granulated texture.

Layla G XO mismatched pair is 14K gold with diamonds. $1085.

Hannah Gard for Hannah G creates easy, accessible and current styles with youthful sophistication. Her pieces are timely yet will endure momentary trends. A perfect example of this is her 14K gold curb chain with princess cut diamonds sticks at the bottom. It can be worn wrapped around the neck once or twice. The long chain can be tied together at different lengths or doubled and then looped through for an alternative look.

Hannah G Princess-Cut Curb Chain Lariat, 14K gold 0.40 TCW of diamonds, $2,540.00

Orly Marcel’s pieces represent symbols from all of the globe. Her technique and textures a conjure up pieces from early ancient times with granulation and intricate goldwork as in this Mandala pendant with layers of raised and recessed goldwork. Orly explains, “the Mandala symbol opens one up to all possibilities where limitless opportunity exists,”. She completes the pendant with a center emerald and a bale with emeralds and diamond—emeralds for hope and prosperity and diamonds for enduring love.

Orly Marcel 18K gold Mandala Pendant with an emerald center and emerald and diamond bale $1500. Chain sold separately.


Note: Christmas Tree credits, from the top and then left to righ:Top: Talon North Star, Hanah G lariat, Talon stud earrings on each side of lariat, Heavenly Vices A Vous Gold Pansy Ring, Dru Jewelry small shield necklace, Pamela Zamore Star and Moonstone pendant necklace, Orly Marcel Mandala Pendant, Lindley Gray Foundation necklace, Seal & Scribe Forget Me Not seal ring, Yoki Creations long swingy multiple garnet and diamond earrings, Darsana Mirror “Grace” locket, Karen Karch Twining Vine hoop earrings, Layla G XO earrings.. (Many of these are in the main store but a few were added in for the effect of the tree.