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Chains to dangle your treasured charms, your protective talisman, keepsakes and heirloom pieces have become as ubiquitous and versatile as the little black dress, a whiteT-shirt, white shirt or your favorite worn jeans, although you can wear them even more interchangeably then your cherished fashion items.

Today’s chains are of varied length—the more enhancer or extender links to which you can add on different sentimental and significant fine jewelry tokens and charms—the better. And take note, the old adage, “whatever old is new again” is definitely ringing true when it comes to 18K gold chain necklaces. Although the mechanisms of the enhancers are more substantial and ingenious, like everything in jewelry, they are based on styles from the past that influence the looks of today.

At MRK, these details and elements lead to a collection of 18k gold chains that has a heirloom quality, the type you would want to pass down to your kids and their kids and the exact pieces you want to wear now.

Monica is often inspired by the past and it’s unique and intricate craftsmanship but she has found her own distinctive way of keeping it alive and moving it into the present. What is so alluring and covetable about Monica’s collection is that any influence she borrows from jewelry’s history becomes her own aesthetic.   Here most recent evolution are the 18K gold chains that she continues to include in her fine jewelry collection. The influences from the Georgian era through the vintage 70s are all rolled together in these chains and their accoutrements but those that inspired her most— are the Georgian through the Art Deco period—meaning the 18th century through the first part of the 20th century.