Alice’s Wonderland

Walking into Alice Kwartler Antiques is like walking into a rare and fanciful wonderland. You will be captivated by one of New York City’s premiere collections of unique decorative items for your home —and you will be enchanted by the extensive selection of sparkling jewels.

It is the Manhattan destination for exceptional gifts, all curated by Alice herself. Her collection dates back through every era to present day, with an emphasis on Art Deco, Retro and Mid-Century Modern designs. In business for over 40 years, Alice has an uncanny eye for style. When she speaks to customers, it’s as if she’s inviting them into her home. The glass shelves surrounding the shop are teeming with silver ware from the finest silver houses — Tiffany & Co., Gorham, Cardheilac, Jensen, Buccellati, to name a few. Within the well appointed collection of jewelry, you see Alice’s exceptional curated selection o signed pieces from renowned jewelry houses. Some favorites are Cartier, VCA, Hermes, Tiffany & Co., and Buccellati.

Every moment in Alice’s shop is a special one. She offers the perfect gift for every occasion, both for friends and loved ones — and for you to celebrate your own accomplishments and special moments. Do not hesitate to call. Alice and her friendly, knowledgeable staff are there to help you. Highlighted below are some must-see collections.


From small to large and every size in between, there are myriad frames from which to choose. From feminine flourishes to more masculine linear lines, there is a frame that will celebrate special events and showcase your loved ones.



There is nothing more beautiful than dining by candlelight or seeing a pair of candlesticks on a marble mantel or wood fireplace. Choices in height, width, style and price abound, from Art Nouveau figural and decorative designs to more geometric, linear Art Deco and Moderne shapes



The old adage goes “It’s not the gift but the thought that counts”. When it comes to the range of boxes in the shop the saying might change to “It’s the box, not what’s inside that counts.” And how true that is, with a great variety of sizes and styles, from detailed patterns and textures to clean modern lines.   Alice has a hand-engraver who can monogram and personalize your selections.


I never knew bar ware could be so creative until I stepped into Alice’s shop and saw the range of pieces that fall into this genre. Hand-crafted glass and cut crystal, sometimes combined with sterling silver, form beautiful decanters. Many are figural, depicting life-like dogs, wise owls and other birds. There is a range of tactile flasks and cocktail shakers, stirrers, ice buckets and trays.


A fine eye will appreciate the variety of enamel compacts, mirrors, boxes and vanity cases – a virtual kaleidoscope of color. Floral, butterfly and naturalistic designs stem from the Art Nouveau period. Art Deco pieces feature more linear and geometric patterns. A collection of enamels, in a pastel to a more vivid palette would suit a modern, vintage or antique decor.



Come in and play with the boxes of charms that represent almost every sentiment and commemorate life’s celebrations and momentous occasions. There are also whimsical, witty and mechanical charms. Animals abound, along with charms that celebrate hobbies, travel, beliefs, and good luck. Alice and her sales staff are never too busy to let you play in their treasure chest.


From stacked to statement to bridal rings, there is a style for everyone within the display cases. Why not try on a bunch and see how they stack up. Or if you are searching for a particular style—and size—try one at a time as Alice helps you find a new statement, the right compliment to what you already have, or the perfect engagement ring.



Classics never go out of style. From the iconic Tiffany Setting to the cult Love bracelet to the on-trend Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra, signed and statement pieces are a signature of the shop. It’s all here for you to mix and match; you’ll be destined to find a personal signature piece for yourself or your significant other.


A large collection of clocks of all sizes, in sterling silver, gold, and enamel. From regal gem-set to the clean lines of Art Deco, you will find an array made by Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Hermes, Chaumet and Jaeger Le Coultre.



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