Why Antique and Vintage Engagement RIngs Appeal to Modern Customers



In February I wrote a story on how alternative bridal rings have become the new norm—how the indie market and emerging designer’s creativity ignited a movement in engagement rings 10-15 years ago that is going stronger than ever today. I talked about women wanting more individuality and wearing rings that speak about themselves rather than their statements of status and their peers and the choices of different types of diamonds matching to lifestyles and personalities. It’s an area that has evolves with time, as new bridal designers continue to enter and shake up the market and more and more established companies following their lead for custom, limited edition, unusual stones and one of a kind pieces.

Additionally, the cultural shift in the new millennium towards a renewed appreciation for jewelry with history coupled with instantly available information on the internet has led to something ‘old’ becoming the ‘new’ ring for brides-to-be. Whether you’re attracted to feminine floral or lacey openwork or you prefer streamlined silhouettes, there is an antique or vintage ring that’s right for you.

S.J. Phillips Early 20th century single stone Burma ruby and diamond ring, American c.1910, the... [+] 2.34-carat cushion cut ruby claw is set landscape,