Bare Arms call for all different styles of bracelets


Jennifer Lau’s wrist with different style bracelets from her Genevieve Lau collection

Summer is the time for sleeveless dresses, T-shirts and tank tops, which means it’s also the perfect season for bracelets. And, this is definitely a season filled with options to wear alone or pile on.

It’s important to remember that you don’t want to be weighed down with anything too cumbersome in the heat. My advice is to save the armfuls of heavy metal for when the weather gets cooler and you can roll up your sleeves of a leather or denim jacket or light cashmere sweater. For the warm weather, go ahead and stack, but try and find styles that are comfortable, mixing in airier open work bracelets with the more solid looks.

Michelle Fantaci’s mix of bracelets

We’ve also heard a lot about Wonder Woman cuffs ever since the new film hit movie theaters.  Although we agree that bold cuffs, one on each wrist, whether matching or two different complimentary styles are chic, powerful statements, try to find those that are wide but still lighter in weight for summer.

Julez Bryant’s different width cuffs

When mixing no real rules apply. The best combinations are those that might include a bangle or two, a medium width or thin cuff, a decorative link or a not-s0-basic curb chain and a colored gemstone style. Additionally, mixed metals offer a current vibe to any type of layering.

Arik Kastan’s mix of different style bracelets including a necklace wrapped around the wrist

If you want to wear bracelets on the same wrist as your watch, the softer flexible looks, cuffs that fit tightly, a charm bracelet that hangs lower than your timepiece or any style that won’t roll around and scratch the crystal will work best.

Monica Rich Kosann’s own charm bracelet with a mix of vintage, heirlom and charms from her collection

Here are some options we’ve chosen  to wear separately, mix and  mismatch:


Julez Bryant’s diamond studded bangles

Karen Karch brings back her lightweight 18K gold rendition of a padlock bracelet in a medium with bangle with caged turquoise entwined heart.


Sylva & Cie rose cut diamond bezel set cuff

Flexible and Link Chain Looks

Shay’s flexible rose gold and diamond bracelet

Colored Gemstone Styles


Ana Khouri’s gemstone cuff

Charm Bracelets

Charmco’s charm bracelets