Bejeweled in Different gemstones and time periods

The start of February was filled with jewelry shows: Melee: The Show, NY Now and Metal & Smith (all trade and press-only shows kicked off the first week in NYC with independent modern designers from newcomers to more established brands. The Centurion show in Scottsdale  and the beginning  of The AGTA Gem show in Tucson  (also trade and press-only)  overlapped in dates but were strong shows for more established and emerging designers as well as some of the most beautiful and unusual gems as well as stunning examples of the cuts and variations on those we have come to love. Then off to Miami for The Original Miami Beach Antique Show (OMBAS) which I wrote about early in the week (read here). And, The Palm Beach Antique Show opened just a day ago. Unfortunately, could not attend as we had to get back and getting writing to bring you the most important trends which crossed over from antique and vintage to modern jewels and the gemstones that were prevalent in all of these finished jewels.

Here is a sampling of antique dealers and modern-day designers seen at the shows I covered, which feature wearable, versatile pieces that can mix and work together. Today, much of the driving force behind personalizing your jewelry is the confidence and ability to combine periods, metals and gemstones with abandon (and a little styling know how).  And realize that jewelry is seasonless!

Locked Together: THE PADLOCKS

Sandra Cronan’s Georgian diamond, rock crystal and turquoise padlock with key and heart drops


Magically Moments: THE MOONSTONES

Sandra Cronan’s antique cupid carved moonstone and diamond brooch

Anthony Lent’s modern moonstone and diamond ring with hands wearing jewelry shank










Anna Cavalheiro’s modern double rainbow moonstone and 18K gold  ring.

Bright and Mysterious Combinations:  TURQUOISE AND THE REDS: Rubies and Garnets

The Spare Room Antique’s Georgian basket charm with acrostic Regard across top and turquoise accents


Signs of Symbolism: THE FOBS AND SEALS



Heavenly Vice’s modern tanzanite, enamel and diamond wide bangle bracelet

Megan Thorne’s modern garnet cabochon is captured in a cathedral window setting in 18K gold



Personal rings of Marcia of The Spare Room which she wears in stack from the Georgian period




Arik Kastan’s modern gemstone rings inspired by antiques



The Spare Room Antique’s Georgian chrysoberyl ring in a shield/wide navette shape

Polly Wales’s multi sapphire wide shield ring

What Goes Round…or Oval: THE HOOPS

The Spare Room Antiques’ poissarde floral earrings with purple paste petals and white paste center stones

Deefine’s diamond and pearl hoop oval hoop earrings

A Traipse Through Nature: THE BOTANICALS

Sandra Cronan’s Art Nouveau enamel orchid brooch with diamond accents.

Pantone’s Color of The Year 2018: PURPLE REIGNS in ULTRA VIOLET

Joganibh purple sapphire ring

Adele Chefridi’s modern variations on the purple theme in jewelry

One the lighter side of the purple family:


Pat Saling’s Rene Boivin ring with an emerald center and diamond floral design.



The Gold Hatpin’s 19th and early 20th-century dendritic agate rings