The best of Independent Jewelry Designer Gifts

This holiday season, brings back its Gifts For The Holidays From Independent and Emerging Design Talents. This season we couldn’t stop at our traditional 12 gifts. Instead, we offer you the lucky number of 13.

Here we count them down for you:

1-These earrings by Jenifer Tai of IO Collective adds color, sparkle and shine to the holiday season. These are the type of earrings that can be worn for parties and events during the holidays and year round. The combination of different colored Sri Lanka spinels for mismatched drop earrings offers a modern take on a classic style. The gemstones all radiate with brilliance and a palette that is perfectly balanced. These also work with anything in your wardrobe, from sweaters to summer dresses and T-shirts and jeans.  One-of-a-kind in 14K gold. If you would like a similar pair, please contact

2- Instead of two turtle doves why not two lovebirds? Heavenly Vices designer Samantha Jackson has re-imagined this cartwheel penny sized love token. Samantha amassed over 1000 tokens from the 1800s onward, which were produced in silver, gold and copper. They were ground down on the front so that they could be personalized with initials, sayings or motifs that was meaningful to the giver and recipient. Heavenly Vices’ collection features authentic tokens, which Samantha then sets into different styles of bezels and bales. Samantha noticed that numerous unique motifs and sayings in the coins spoke to a wide demographic of jewelry collectors and she is producing an exclusive group in silver and all karats of gold, with solid blank backs so they can be individualized with initials or new dates. This romantic recreation of the silver love birds with diamond bale—is a perfect gift to express sentiments of true and everlasting love.

3- Emily Hirsh, who has previously worked in sterling silver and brass for her collection Talon recently launched pieces in 14K gold in different symbolic pieces in her collection. From zodiacs to sacred hearts, rising phoenix and skull motifs, Emily draws inspiration from various sources and then remasters them into modern talisman that provide strength, hope and foresight for the wearer. One of the more feminine and romantic pieces in the collection is her floral etched padlock which, like most of her pedants is double-sided, featuring a word or words on the back, a secret the wearer holds close to their heart, choosing whether to reveal or not.This padlock is engraved with “No Other”—a perfect gift for ‘the one’ in the giver’s life.


4-Samantha Knight is known for here expertly curated selection of antique and vintage charms and chains and her modern updates on a few of her favorite classic jewels including bold signet rings, initial medallions and diamond bracelets. Samantha rejuvenates the eponymous flexible tennis bracelets in hard styles of 14K gold slender cuffs with over two carats of diamonds and dainty bangles in 14K yellow, rose and white gold.  Whether your loved one owns a vintage flexible style or is looking at all around diamond styles for the first time, the tennis bracelet is a go-to staple every woman should have in their jewelry wardrobe. The bracelet received its moniker when style-setting tennis legend Chris Evert was engaged in a long rally during the 1978 U.S. Open when her bezel-set diamond bracelet went flying across the court. She asked officials to stop the match until she found the bracelet. From then on, the name became indelibly linked to the thin, lightweight, flexible diamond bracelets that were originally known as eternity or line bracelets during the Art Deco period. Samantha’s styles look elegant on their own or stacked with other styles. “There is a whole new generation of women discovering tennis bracelets for the first time and they love to pile them on,” she says. “The best way to wear them is in different colors of gold and different widths with diamond bangles and maybe an antique bracelet added to the mix.”


5- Okay, so maybe we slipped this in on purpose. But how could pass up an opportunity like offering five golden rings? These are all by Julie Lamb NY and are the type of rings husbands can give to their wives.  They can start with one, and then build on the stack for different occasions or “just because.”  Or, friends and family, mothers and or/daughters can join in the ring party,  devising a plan to purchase the whole stack at once. The rings would have sentimental value, no matter who purchased them but as a combination from all loved ones, they would ring in the holidays with romance, meaning, and a whole lot of love.

Julie Lamb NY from top to bottom: Diamond Chevron 14K white gold, Watch Me Whip 18K white gold, City Stacking Band 14K white gold, Watch Me Whip 14K white gold, Queen of Bounce 14K rose gold

6-Pamela Zamore launched her collection in 2017 as an all sterling silver and gemstone line rooted in her love and background of decorative arts, architecture and interior design. Additionally, she was inspired by growing up in the ‘70s with strong independent women, like her mom and others who raised the consciousness of the feminist movement and wore the pieces of the day—turquoise jewelry from the Southwest. All of this informed Pamela’s first collection and, as she evolved into different styles of earrings and layering pieces, she also learned her beautifully crafted, artfully detailed collection appealed to women whose style leaned to bohemian chic. She realized there was still a void in the collection, for women who preferred gold. Pamela Zamore has begun to roll out her 18K gold pieces which are bold, soulful and tactile with overarching motifs of radial and star patterns. These are an extension of elements from her silver collection.  Pam’s gold is accented by small precious gemstones and includes a full range of designs but for now, we focus on this pendant’s exclusive premiere in It’s a round Radial Pendant with a center stone of lavender sapphire. It’s the perfect size to wear on its own or with other pieces. The finishing tends to be rough-hewn which adds to its appeal.

7- Deborah Halperin designer of May Came Home combines her affinity for vintage clothes, posters, interiors and fashion with a playful attitude and a profusion of vibrant hues. Her personal aesthetic adds a touch of whimsy to her collection which is deeply rooted in bold and unexpected enamel color combinations. Her inspiration for a collection of medallions is the pop culture of the mod ‘60s and early anti-establishment ‘70s—and images of supermodel Twiggy in old photographs as well as Mary Quant, Biba, Pucci and Carnaby street fashion. “These are fun pieces to gift to a friend or loved one who has an affinity for this time period, might love hunting for vintage clothes and accessories and wants a new piece of jewelry that will complement her individual tastes and style” explains Deborah. Pictured here, May Came Home pendants in vermeil (gold plated silver) and 10K gold with cold enamel in a variety of colors and patterns. Twiggy Photo courtesy of Rex/Shutterstock

8- Canada-based Kate Hubley for K8 Jewelry takes a feminine, pretty and current take on the classic drop earring. In aquamarine and white gold with a setting of pared-down ornate flourishes, Kate has created the ultimate go-to earring. It frames the face just right in its clean-lined appeal yet offers a hint of elegance in exclusively-cut gemstone and swirl motifs on the side. For those who like coordinating or matching pendants, Kate has designed a delicate lariat with the center of the earring as the center of the necklace and asymmetrical chain dropping down with tiny stones, set bezels at the bottom The entire “Vive” collection Is available in a range of metal and gemstone colors.


9- Anabel Higgins mixes a vintage and antique influences with modern finishing and polishing techniques. Her pieces give a nod to those beloved from the past but are refreshingly modern in the combination of tones and textures. They are created to hand down to future generations. Her shield pendants which signify protection are part of her “Heritage” collection.  This Mini Odd Fellow Pendant “encompasses all the best of the original stately Odd Fellow, just in a smaller frame.” It can easily be layered with other necklaces and can be engraved and personalized with initials. It is featured with an 18K yellow gold surround, a fine Silver engraved center, and a solid 18K yellow gold bale.

10- Thea Miller’s jewelry collection named Dru Jewelry launched with iconic symbols and images that have provided hope and solace throughout history.  As the collection evolved, Thea began adding pendants, signet style rings and bracelets with engraved words and sayings as Mantras. Her pieces reflect the changing political climate, protection, strength, faith, the ability to rebound, all while retaining a sense of humor and grace. She designs for the woman of today, a woman, not unlike herself, independent and fierce who wears talisman to help guide her and also allow the world to know a little about her.  This pendant is a great gift from one friend to another, from mother to daughter or the reverse. It bespeaks courage and power to be part of a movement to alter how we all live. On a more personal level, wearing this pendant can also show your bravery to make difficult decisions for your own life. Be the Change! Medallion in 14K yellow gold and white diamond w/ pavé white diamond jump ring. Also available in 18K gold.

11-Yokabid of Yoki Collections designs pieces in the tradition of the grand jewelry house for women, also features a range of cufflinks for men. However, if you are like me and wear French cuff shirts, then you will be equally enamored by these simple yet elegant links in Yoki’s collection. But let’s get back to him. If you are looking for a gift for your man who is into fashion or wears French cuff shirts, these spell success in a present.  They are high-quality labradorite set into 18K gold, the color changing with the light,  from bluish, to greenish to violet inside the gray. Labradorites like moonstones have symbolic meanings that revolved around love so he can definitely be wearing your heart on his sleeve.

12-  Karen Karch has always marched to her own beat when it comes to designing jewelry and has built a strong following of clientele based on her edgy sensibility and gritty sense of glamour. Along with Demi Wolfe, she created Karch x Wolfe to further explore historical references of Victorian and Gothic influences and Texas and the southwest, where the two designers were born and raised.  The combination of inspirations results in a rough-hewn, tactile approach to meaningful symbolism that both embraces and defies convention.  Here is her triple necklace which combines metals and meanings in dainty charms/talisman that are meant to be worn and treasured for every day. Mini Victory | Mini Love Struck | Mini La Luna Charm Necklace in 10k Rose Gold & Silver featuring the Milagros-inspired wing for protection and courage, a heart to find an all-conquering love and crescent cluster charm to celebrate instinct and the energy of being centered.

13- Megan Thorne’s love for lace and embroidery and various tactile elements of the Baroque and Rococo periods are all translated into her collection of alternative wedding jewelry. Megan’s distinct sensibility features her knack for designing with a refreshing twist on the classic and charming takes on old-world techniques. Traditionally men shy away from giving rings for the holidays unless they are married or plan on getting engaged. For the gift giver who is planning on popping the question and who desires a ring that is enchanting in its setting and diamond or colored gemstone cut, look no further than Megan Thorne. This is equally trued for the woman that wants to give a subtle hint, Megan designs the type of ring with which you could easily fall in love. This Scalloped Bezel Prima engagement ring and Laurel band are two of myriad styles that can be found in this prolific designers collection.