Best Selling Author’s “A Life In Chapters” Auction features over 300 lots of jewelry

Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Bracelet, circa 1925 and 1930

From the streamlined and elegant stacks of 1920’s- 1930’s Art Deco bracelets to the rock and roll chic of jewels by well-known contemporary designers from the late 20th century though present day, such as Stephen Webster and Lori Rodkin, the beloved author Jackie Collins style was eclectic and as individualistic as the strong female characters she wrote about.

Jackie Collins: A Life in Chapters which includes over 300 lots of her extensive jewelry collection will go on the block at Bonhams, Los Angeles on May 16 and 17, 2017.

Susan Abeles, vice president and director of Bonhams US jewelry department says, “Through the characters in her stories, and in her life, Jackie Collins defined a strong, confident and interesting woman. She was very much her own person, challenging the societal norms of how women wear jewelry. She successfully paired contrasting designs, layering both ‘day and night’ jewelry, creating her own style. Bonhams is honored to offer this extensive and unique collection of jewels owned by Jacqueline Collins which reflects the effusive spirit that defined her life: glamorous, dedicated and soulful .”

The British born author published her first novel, The World Is Full of Married Men in 1968 and went on to write 31 novels, most of hem bestsellers over her 47-year writing career. She captured the world of Hollywood in her fiction and this glamour backdrop  also surrounded her private life—in her home, jewelry and her taste and eye for the elegant, the dramatic, the breathtaking and the humorous.

A diamond, emerald and platinum French clip boooch

Susan Abeles goes on to describe Collins collection as “varied and playful.” She continues, “Jackie Collins’ affinity and fondness for leopard and the sleek feline form is pervasive and well documented. She once said ‘My weakness is wearing too much leopard print’,  which demonstrates her humor, and is represented in her Cartier Panthère  jewels. Another signature that Ms. Collins was known for, were her substantial and colorful pendant earrings. Being a free spirit, she was attracted to a Bohemian style, with long chains and multiple diamond and gem-set pendants.”


A Quartz and Diamond Pendan in 18K Rose Gold on Chain, Suzanne Kalan

Many of the jewels  define the different times in this bestselling authors life— her love for antique, mid-century and vintage pieces, stunning watches by Patek Philippe and bold less formal styles  designs by modern designers David Yurman, Antonini and Suzanne Kalan.


The jewelry from Jackie Collins: A Life In Chapters catalog is split into sections of decades beginning the 1990s, each with a brief introduction about various  books she wrote during those time periods.

In many of her varied photos, she wears everything from one singular large brooch to modern demi-suites to an unexpected mix of modern and antique, gothic and Art Deco and a freewheeling stack of bracelets, always with a vivacious spirit that glowed from within. Abeles choose a few Collins quotes to add to the introduction to this amazing sale but my favorite of all—the one that seems to speak the most about Collin’s comfort in who she was and incredible sense of self-awareness…

-“Looking back, I’m not sorry about anything I did.”

The preview for the sale is at Bonhams New York and runs from April 19th through 20th.

A Diamond, black onyx and platinum Art Deco bracelet