BFF Day Jewels

June 8th has been deemed National Best Friend’ Day.  For the BFF’s who are also jewelry enthusiasts, it’s a day to gift the true precious gem in your life a piece that signifies your enduring love, respect, shared interests, empathy, understanding and your ability to empower each other. Here we offer some suggestions for presents to gift each other or to choose that special piece that you know your bestie will wear and cherish.


Gwen Barba

“In the art of floriography, a blue iris can symbolize trust and belief, making this pendant a perfect gift for the friend you know you can rely on,” says designer Gwen Barba. She has hand enameled this 18K gold pendant with vitreous glass enameling, accenting it with diamonds.  In the Victorian language of Flowers, Irises were also give between friends as a way to express their gratitude.


GiGi Ferranti

“Our Portofino Horn Charm is perfect for exchanging with your best friend.” says designer Gina Ferranti, ” In Italy the horn or Cornicello is on of the most popular, a  symbol dating back to ancient times that represents protection. The one that is featured is 18K gold and is accented with a tsavorite princess cut stone. But you can ask for your horns to be customized with birthstones or favorite gems.”

Seal & Scribe

Shari Cohen designer of Seal & Scribe suggests a ring in 18K gold with diamond surround that translates to ‘The Further They Fly, The Tighter The Bond” with two birds holding a string with an infinity knot. For Shari, this signifies, “BFF’s  always knowing  that they are there to support each other  and cheer each other on  as they reach for  for their dreams, no matter how high they have to fly to get there and when they are apart, the bond is still tighter than ever.” The ring is hand cast from  an antique seal mold and is available in yellow, rose, white gold, or platinum.”


This 14K gold white Australian opal heart pendant reveals flecks of different colors and changes with the light.  Says designer Emily Hirsch, “These are charming gifts for besties since they are always in each other’s hearts. It also represents uniqueness as each opal is different like the two who are exchanging presents and the changing hues, depending on the light reflect the changes they have been through together and those that are still to come.”

Opal Heart Pendant



Yokabid Worku, the designer behind Yoki has designed a pair of spherical star studded earrings in 18K gold. “The earrings contain a few meanings. The first is that they are round, in a circle that can’t be broken. Then there is the dimensional depicting the different aspects of each friend’s personality. Finally and importantly, they are covered in diamond studded stars. so that each friend can wish upon a star and hope her dreams will come true.” How much better can jewelry between friends get?”





Heavenly Vices

Samantha Jackson designer, explains “The A True Friend Modern Bullion is a replica of a one of a kind Victorian US Dime Love Token that will act as a permanent reminder how much you cherish your bestie and all the times they have been there for you.  Love Tokens were a 19th century trend where people would take actual money to their jewelers to be engraved with expressions of all forms of love, in this case, a lovely tribute to a special relationship.”


Anne Baker

Designer Anne Baker’s says,  “my 18K rose pink freshwater pearl with pink sapphire petals evokes joy, love and optimism, all aspects that reflect the happiness that comes with having someone with who to share all your hopes, thoughts and dreams.”


The small pave spike studs in 18k gold and pave diamonds are an edgy take on the type of gift you want to share with your BFF,” says Tiffany Bartolacci , co-designer with her mother Rhonda. “It speaks to female empowerment and and the strong bond women have together.”

Small Pave Spike Studs


Bondeye Jewelry
Jess Klein designer explains, “The Peas in a Pod Necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry for exchanging with your best friend. The necklace features two round cut miracle settings, each sparking with a delicate diamond, which elegantly represent and enduring and one-of-a-kind, cherished relationship you and you bestie share.”

K8 Jewelry

18K gold sapphires and diamond single stud for two  lifetime friends to gift one another. “This stud is  all about pink and the power it symbolizes: confidence, love, playfulness, kindness and energy,” says Kate Hubley, designer.

18K Gold with Pink Sapphires & Diamonds Stud