Bodies In Motion—Moritz Glik Explores The Natural World

Many of you may know the slogan “No one shakes it like Moritz Glik”, from social media or the retail stores in which you shop. The Manhattan-based Moritz, Brazilian-born Moritz, creates Art Deco inspired architectural and geometric silhouettes shimmering with the movement of sparkling white and colored diamonds sapphires and rubies. His designs are also informed by celestial shapes and patterns –crescent shapes and circular forms. In his signature Kaleidoscope collections, he allows these gemstones to ‘shake’ or create the illusion of floating by encasing them between two colorless sapphire crystals.

With the precision and craftsmanship of creating pieces by hand for the past 20 years, Moritz has moved into a new realm of inspiration with the debut of creatures from the natural world. “I am usually attracted to linear shapes and the streamlined dimensional looks of the Art Deco movement and the skyscrapers that I see from my rooftop in New York City,” Moritz explains. “I then allow the gemstones to create the fluidity in my design. But, I recently became mesmerized by the shapes and movement of beautiful insects such as the dragonfly and ladybug. It’s quite a departure for me, but I now understand why the master designers of the Art Nouveau period were so taken by these creatures and how they were able to bring them to life.”

Moritz’s research on insects and winged creatures led him to experiment with these two due to their historical symbolism. “Their meanings resonated with me,” he explains. “Legend has it that if a ladybug lands on you, you put it in your hand and gently blow it away and the wish you make as you do so will come true. The dragonfly has connotations of transformation, change for the good, and shedding an old life for a new one. I am also quite enchanted by the graceful silhouette of the dragonfly and the delicate and dainty features of the ladybug.” he explains.

White diamonds peek through the spotted wings and move within the body of the ladybug. The center of a slender dragonfly also shimmers with white diamonds when worn as a pendant or attached as a brooch. Both are rendered in 18K gold.

While I am also for wishes and changes for the better, this is one ladybug I wouldn’t ‘blow’ away and a dragonfly, which I would want to keep exactly as is.