Indian Summer- Cactus de Cartier, A Perfect Transition into Fall



18K yellow gold, lapis lazuli and diamond ring. Vincent Vulweryck © Cartier. Above image: Txema Yeste © Cartier

Mother Nature has provided inspiration in jewelry throughout history particularly in flora and fauna themes. Cartier is no exception. Since the early 20th century, the renowned house has blossomed with imaginative takes on garden-variety roses to pretty delicate wild flowers. This summer, the house turned up the heat and looked to the desert for inspiration for it’s presentation and collection of Cactus de Cartier, which features a sculptural take on resilient succulents. Cartier has taken the prickliness out of the plant life and transformed the more spiky edges into bold rounded, cutouts and dome like shapes that still recall the powerful cacti. The duality of soft and hard, strong geometrical and rounded shapes results in a gutsy and fantastical collection. Although Cartier introduced the collection in summer, we found it had a seasonless appeal in it’s color combinations of emerald, chrysoprase and carnelian as well as lapis and diamonds and it’s bold effusive shapes offer up some of the perfect jewels to add to your fall wardrobe.

If you are in New York City, remember to check out the reopening of the Cartier Mansion, after over two years of renovation.


From top to bottom, 18K yellow gold ring set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds, lapis lazuli, set with 55 brilliant-cut diamonds, 18-carat yellow gold, set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds. Txema Yeste © Cartier