Chasseur’s Designer Invites Us Into her Home which speaks to the soul of Her New Jewelry Collection


Pam Zamore

Upon entering Pam Zamore’s renovated ranch style home in Boston, one immediately picks up on the interior decorator turned jewelry designer’s vibe: eclectic elements that work together, resonating a message that speaks of her travels, her curiosity about different cultures and her love of the spirit and soul of the Southwest. Her collection, Chasseur Fine Jewelry, exudes the same sense of harmony found in her house. Pam artfully balances a thoughtful mix of meaningful and authentic pieces and details throughout both her trademark interiors and her new jewelry line.

“The name of the collection, Chasseur, is the French term for hunter,” Pam explains. “Whether it be in reference to a home that I designed, my own living space or a piece of my jewelry, the term suggests my desire to seek out elements from classical ornamentation, exotic cultures and fine art, weaving them together into a rich tapestry of enduring quality and style.”

Each of Pam’s rooms demonstrates her affinity for mixing patterns and textures to create comfortable, inviting spaces. “I have long been drawn to Native American art and classic symbolism but I have also been inspired by my travels–from an exotic bazaar in Nepal to an eclectic flea market on Martha’s Vineyard. Wherever I go, I am drawn to both pieces of heritage and decorative items indigenous to the region.”

Pam Zamore’s Liviing Room

Pam’s living room is the heartbeat of her home with what the designer describes as “an intuitive mix of elements- kilim pillows, a rough-hewn handmade coffee table, a Charles Shackleton armchair covered in a William Morris fabric and an encaustic piece with hues of sky blue and aqua by artist Susan Metzger anchoring the room.” A quilt from India, tribal artifacts and a steer’s head from a flea market in New York project Pam’s personality with a juxtaposition between serenity and empowerment—two driving forces in her life.

Pam Zamore’s dining room

“The dining room is the most pared-down room of the house and this quality renders a sense of intimacy,” Pam explains. “Dining with friends and family by candlelight surrounded by windows in this little space is magical. A kilim bench, an antique French dining table and vases from my favorite pottery studio on Martha’s Vineyard create a sense of down to earth, rustic elegance.”

Pam Zamore’s seating area

A flat weave rug from Turkey, a bronze sculpture by artist Ella Tulin and a handmade Ironware International chandelier define a seating area that is artful, livable and as culturally diverse and it is modern. The timeless lense through which Pam sees all forms of artistic expression is evident in this space.

Pam Zamore’s kitchen dining space

The dining part of the  kitchen is furnished with a custom driftwood dining table, accented by bronze chairs. Pam’s rustic sense of color, pattern and texture pulls the room together and is highlighted by an unexpected mix of a steer’s head, 2 round glass pendant lights, a Bengal tiger rug from Nepal and a piece of flea market art.

Decorative items, art and furniture throughout the house are gathered from places as diverse as Nepal, India, Mexico, France, Martha’s Vineyard, Vermont and Maine. “When I was designing homes, I would advise clients to buy what they love. When you do this—and when it is personal for you, it has a way of all coming together.”

Like her home, Pam’s jewelry collection combines bohemian elegance with exotic and disparate elements—mixing colors, patterns styles and periods. Pam explains, “I strive for my jewelry to endure beyond trend and fashion, yet complement favorite pieces in a woman’s wardrobe.”

A close-up of one of Chasseur Fine Jewelry collection’s sterling silver radial pattern cocktail rings with green amethyst center

Chasseur jewelry is bold and sensual. Pieces are commanding in scale with significant details, classic tactile ornamentation and beautiful gemstones, rendered in the most down-to-earth metal—sterling silver.

Pam can’t remember a time when she didn’t wear silver. “Growing up in the ’70s, I identified with the free-spirited bravery and earthiness of the generation of women who were part of the feminist movement. Pam has captured this feeling with powerful icons and ornamentation that represent her ties to past generations yet are relevant in today’s era of female empowerment.

Pam Zamore wearing her bold sterling silver scarab cuff and chevron pattern ring with amethyst center cabochon

Pam has imbued her home with the calm, confident and colorful spirit that allows her to feel joy and comfort in her living space. It is with this same timely creative vision that she brings these qualities to her jewelry collection and fills a niche for jewels that make women feel at home with themselves, yet project spirit and power out in the world.

Chasseur chevron detailed pendant with garnet cabochon center