Christine Huber’s fantastic journey: launching her new Voyage collection

Christine Huber compass pendant

Celestial motifs floating across rings of deep lapis blue. A stylized compass in high karat gold crafted with the detail of an old-world jeweler, stack and statement rings dotted with star patterns with the twinkle of tiny diamonds. These are the elements that take you on a exploration of the sea and sky through the lens of Christine Huber’s new Voyage inspired collection. Her details are those of a jeweler who has honed her skills and her vision and who believes in hard work, timing, and perfecting her craft.

In the jewelry business since 1998, Christine Huber has paid her dues. She worked for almost 19 years as a ‘runner’ and bench jeweler for well known companies before launching her own name-sake collection in the summer of 2016.   “I am not one to rush into things.” She says with a wink and a smile. Her first job in the industry was for Alex Sepkus where she cleaned castings and polishing production pieces .

In her next position at Julius Cohen, where she stayed for nine years, she explains, “I designed and drafted in the old fashioned way, creatig guache drawings before anything was carved in wax.” She also went on daily trips to Manhattan’s jewelry district 47th Street, “where I would make the runs to the casting house, stone dealers and setters.”
When she finally broke out on her own four years ago, her vast experience led her into engagement and wedding ring custom design. “I draft everything out , therefore it is really easy to communicate with my client,” says Christine. “We tend to design as we talk during the meetings. Then I will create precise draftings for them. “My days at the bench and network of jewelers and stone dealers and my GG allows them to feel totally comfortable with what I bring to the table. And, my client list kept growing. It’s so joyful to work so closely with couples to create pieces that represent one of the biggest milestones in their lives and to feel their passion about each other and about what they want their bridal jewelry to say.”


Christine Huber stack cuffs

Yet, Christine had a burning desire to create a collection close to her heart. An avid traveler, Christine has seen much of the world including Beijing, Mongolia, Tibet, Taiwan, Japan, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Turkey. “I love the idea of an adventure and voyaging into the unknown. My goal was to capture this in my designs–through astronomy, outer space and the uncharted waters of the high seas. When I started to sketch the designs based on this concept—I knew right away that it would be my debut collection.”


Christine Huber Night Sky and Voyage ring with lapis, stars and diamond accents

Christine mapped everything out in renderings and inspiration tears that she keeps in a sketchbook that is almost as intriguing as her finished pieces. If a style isn’t exactly as she envisioned it—it is reworked until she achieves the exact look, proportions and details and gemstone cuts that she visualized.

Christine Huber sapphire and lapis pendant

“The combination of high karat gold and deeply oxidized silver provide the perfect backdrop for the magic of moonstones and the richness of lapis—the combination also lends to the mysteriousness of he collection.

Christine Huber stack rings

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In collaboration with Christine Huber