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Lene Vibes Wonderland of Pearls and Ring of Various Gemstones all with the most magical of details

Day two of my jewelry expedition led me to Metal & Smith which is traditionally a trade-only show, (albeit in an unconventional setting, which I wrote about here)  and usually lasts for one day. But good news for jewelry obsessed and purveyors of modern jewelry,  the show converts to a pop-up that will be open the public today, Tuesday, August 22, at 11AM-6PM, where you can try on and score pieces that are arriving at stores for fall/holiday 2017. Check out Metal & Smith’s Instagram page for details.

In the meantime here are some of the best of the show that I found during my treasure hunting today…

Lene Vibes proves over and over again that pearls can be magical, hip, edgy and feminine, always with a little story around them–such as a garden party of flowers, snails, ladybugs and other cute insects, or skulls, thorns and more foreboding owls and other creatures. In her newest collection, she adds more color than ever before in Paraiba tourmalines,  opals, amethysts, pink sapphires, spinels and colored diamonds and also adds mismatched earrings to the mix. There is always something that draws me into her fanciful world.


Another designer hailing from Denmark and showing her collection for the first time in New York is Goldsmith Nanna Shou. Her collection mixes such media as South Sea and cultured pearls with leather, opals and exotic skins for wide cuff bracelets and a range of mouthwatering gemstones for stacking up the finger in all different shapes of shanks and size widths

David Alvarado’s collection Irthly Jewelled Adornments is based on his background in philosophy in which every piece has a meaning. And we know how I love pieces with symbolism but let’s breakdown my favorite looks in the collection which include his mix of precious and non-precious materials for pieces that are distinctive, current and utterly chic– those with carved and polished palm tree seeds surrounding beautiful gemstones like the emeralds and moonstones pictured here.

The winner of Ylang 23’s NextNow contest also won my heart, Eva Oga Jewelry. Her vivid palette and color combinations and intricate configurations for earrings, pendants and rings have a happy, vibrant vibe that is sure to resonate with all jewelry collectors that are hooked on the beauty of  gemstones with a current, relevant vibe

Karla Wituklewicz KWIT jewelry collection in which you can mix diamond and gold letters and motifs is a breath of fresh air and also spells out messages that are on the mark today. But you can assemble the collection in so many ways–you migh just catch me  back tomorrow to create a few customized pieces of my own.

Ashley Childs’ work is perfection in sculptural motion in sensual pared down forms. This is not a collection that needs bells and whistles–the beauty of the craftsmanship, streamlined fluidity and touches of diamonds just where you would want them speak volumes about the designer but allow the woman who wears the pieces to speak for herself.

Yoki designed by Yokabid Worku (which I covered last week in a profile story) is a collection that is designed with the attention to detail, the whimsical nature yet unparalleled workmanship of her predecessors of the mid-20th-century. This piece is Yokabid’s interpretation of a butterfly landing in a field of flowers.

IO Collective is one of the collections I saw during my first Metal & Smith show. I covered them immediately and followed the evolution of the collection which has grown into a full-scale delicate line of stackable rings, layering pendants and items that are always on trend. I personally prefer the more unusual pieces like this ring with an Oregon sunstone shiller and cognac diamonds

DRU Jewelry’s new Signet rings are a welcome edition to her antique religious medals and mixed charm necklaces and earrings all which have symbolism that dates back into ancient times but reflects a modern-day attitude. Here signets range in different shapes for women who like to wear rings that rest horizontally across their entire finger to the more traditional oval shapes set with a gem in a starburst pattern. The signets with sayings all feature stones surrounding all sides of the front of the ring. For those of you who prefer your own saying, Thea the designer behind the collection will customize pieces as well as monogram the oval styles.


Onirikka by Gloria Rank (also featured in a profile last week) continues to perfect her collection and hone her sensibility. Large stone rings flash a dash of whimsy with a diamond encrusted charm that dangles and moves. Here it is layered with the must-have ring in the collection-the multi white diamond briolette ring in yellow gold. Gloria’s entire collection is a balance of dainty and bold diamonds and gemstones that seem to play off each other effortlessly.

Lindley Grey is an up & coming designer who continues to build her collection slowly, adding in pieces that continue to bring out her signature sensibility for linear pieces and elongated multi-shape pieces in darker mysterious or muted colors. Here is a double green tourmaline ring with black diamond accents as well as a lariat with a dark green tourmaline rectangular cut stone dangling at the end.

Shelley Cavanaugh can spot a good stone when she sees it and she knows just want to do to bring out the beauty in a gem that has all the wonderful quirks and imperfections that Mother Natures intends. This golden star rutilated quartz surrounded by spinels is just one of the many wonders in her collection She’s also a fan of snakes, as am I so we bonded over her twisting, slithering serpents which held juicy opals in pendant styles or small pear-shaped diamonds for swirly hoops.