What comes around, goes around: Hoop earrings are back for 2017


Irene Neuwirth 18 Gold hoops with small pearl surround

Hoop Earrings have been around for centuries and in all cultures, civilizations and on all continents. From the first known Sumerian versions, hoops traveled to Africa, Asia Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece and have had quite a historical past, symbolizing everything from tribal identity to religious believes. Fast forward to the 20th through the 21st centuries and hoops have made a comeback every decade since the sixties.



Natalie Wood 1969 in Bob, Carol, Ted& Alice Photo: Rex/Shuttershock

Melissa Joy Manning

I received my first pair during the sixties, a small pair of tightly twisted wire 18K hoops that my grandmother bought for me after my ear piercing outing involving a gun and a trip to a jeweler in Brooklyn. By the time high school rolled around in the late seventies, I wanted an asymmetrical look and let some guy named Vinny pierce one more hole in my right ear and two more in my left with ice and a sewing needle. I wore hoops that graduated from a medium size to smaller up my lobes. Like everyone else I knew during the 80s and 90s, I wore outsized gold hoops on and off-when then would circle back into fashion again until one got into a tussle with a fine gauge sweater. Afterwards, I retired all hoops larger than a nickel, allowing me to layer scarves and turtlenecks in winter without fear of ripping a lobe or freezing my ears off to be on trend. Instead I lusted after the creativity and craftsmanship of the large styles independent jewelers were designing-the finely wrought and hand forged textures I would get to see up close and personal at their studios and trade shows but when it came to sliding them in my ears, I prefer to display my appreciation in articles rather than in my lobes. But enough about my hoop saga, which I am guessing many women of all ages and demographics have had similar experiences.

Sade-signature look Photo: Rex/Shuttershock





Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex & The City HBO Series




As we enter 2017—there is hoopla over hoops once again. And they are definitely a welcome return to add to the list of the ear-centric styles so popular in 2014-2016, which focused attention on climbers, mismatched earrings, multiple piercings, jackets, cuffs and antique styles of girandoles, long pendants styles and retro 40s multifunction clips.






Nak Armstrong


We are once again seeing boat, twisted wire, crescent and gypsy hoops and almost every silhouette from teardrop and rectangles to all the styles that we recognize in re-imagined incarnations. Yellow gold is still the popular choice but gemstones in unexpected combinations and sculptural forms feel chic and new and offer a powerful feminine message, which we all can identify with at this moment in time.

Irene Neuwirth

Like a favorite pair of jeans, white shirt, hoodie and black ankle boots—and the ubiquitous lbd—hoops will always circle back around—and they will be influenced by our favorite tribal to mod looks when they do. A word of advice: just take them off before trying to remove your sweater over your head and don’t wear the ultra huge ones in winter. Other than that, I hope you have your first or-another go round with your favorite styles of hoops in 2017.





Julie Lamb