How To Design Your Custom Engagement Ring

In our last two installments on Taylor & Hart, Bejeweled spoke to the CEO and head of U.S. Operations to learn more about the background and process of this international bespoke jewelry company which specializes in engagement rings. For readers ready to say “I Do” this holiday season, Bejeweled asked Head Designer, Maria Lalana to talk about the process with two different couples to give you an idea of how you can work with her or one of the many other talented and knowledgeable designers at Taylor & Hart.

“I worked with my client David on this bespoke yellow gold trilogy design with a greenish-blue sapphire initially on a live chat. We started discussing designs and he shared some images that he and his bride-to-be were partial to. He related that he preferred an oval-shaped stone, a sapphire and wanted to create a trinity-like design (without it being super obvious). He also wanted to include some diamonds. My initial interactions were with only David but as time went on, he realized it would be best to include Jasmine on the finishing touches. He had gained a lot of information from her from the start, from going into jewelry stores with her and taking note of all that she liked.

At one point he said, ‘Every now and then she would change what she liked and that made me really nervous. As the last lad from my group of friends to get married, I definitely felt the pressure of getting it right.’


First Sketches of Rings for Taylor & Hart client David


When I sent David the first three sketches, he found them to be too organic and that’s when he decided to bring Jasmine in on the design of the ring. We turned what had initially looked like branches into a shank that resembled leaves or feathers that were entwined giving it a trilogy look so that it was more subtle but still had a very natural feel to it. The ring was something that was a mix of David’s ideas for shape and design, while Jasmine chose the autumnal leaf feeling and color of the sapphire—she preferred a more greenish-blue. In the end, it was a  collaboration of love like their union.  The couple who met in Devon and then were parted when David had to move to Glasgow, traveled back and forth to see each other for the first year. Eventually, Jasmine moved to Scotland and after living and buying a house together David decided it was time to pop the question.  Of the ring experience, he says, “The whole process made me feel so safe and secure. I had regular contact with Maria and she worked with me and then the two of us until we got the ring we had imagined. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother engagement ring buying experience.”

Second sketches of rings for Taylor & Hart client David and Jasmine, closer to what Jasmine desired



Maria Lalana’s final drawing once agreed upon

Final RIng design for David and Jasmine by Taylor & Hart


“UK-based Jeremy wanted something wide with a halo in an Art Deco-inspired style, very geometric, with different shapes incorporated throughout.  At first, he hoped it would resemble a bull’s eye. But when he showed his now-wife Sophie the designs, she quickly became involved. She wanted a style she could wear every day as an engagement ring and wedding band.

First ring sketch for Jeremy and Sophie by Taylor & Hart

After that, the couple shared two new rings with me, noting that Sophie was interested in a white band. Those two images actually looked extremely similar to the sketch that I had initially created for them. It became clear to me that it was very close to what Sophie wanted in a ring and I didn’t want to change things too much. But I did want to include something a little more special, so I added the triangular-shaped diamonds on the sides because they were original and helped the design to feel like an engagement ring. It followed the idea of including different shapes, different size diamonds, something that I took from the previous design. From there, I took the things I liked the most from the two images they shared with me and created the final sketch. They were thrilled with it. The design process was a quick one, but a very exciting one at the same time because Sophie was fully involved. I had no second-guessing with that design because she was so present throughout the process. It was clear that this was the ring for them.”

CAD Design from different views for Taylor & Hart clients Jeremy and Sophie


Final Ring design for Taylor & Hart clients Jeremy and Sophie

For more information on how to design your own ring, contact to book an initial consultation and if you are in the U.S. you can also contact the headquarters in New York City’s Freedom Tower.



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