Enter the world of Unexpected Creations celebrating the remarkable Lotus Art de Vivre Collection

unexpected-creations_3d-coverTurning the pages of Unexpected Creations (Assouline Oct 2016), which immortalizes the extravagant, maximalist and painstakingly crafted Lotus Art de Vivre collection is a unique experience in which you find yourself mesmerized by the artistically unorthodox yet seamless combinations of a range of organic materials and extraordinary, vibrant gems. Like the jewels themselves, the new Assouline tome captivates and enchants with the striking original photography of Yuriko Takagi and the sense a luxury that engages the reader in the history and the pieces of the world-renowned Thai jewelry company.

After soaking up the rich history and the lavish jewelry, personal adornments and furniture featured in the book, I had the rare experience of trying on some of the pieces including an exotic mythological dragon bracelet crafted from exclusively cut vivid gemstones, organic-shaped pearls and diamonds in gold and silver at the magical jewelry wonderland of a shop that is Fred Leighton. The store, which carries a selection of Lotus Arte de Vivre, hosted a launch party for the book alongside an exhibit of four cases of the awe-inspiring pieces.


©Yuriko Takagi snake scarab bangle with assorted gemstones in 18K gold and rhodium plated sterling silver

Unexpected Creations is a perfect title for a book on jewels that are eclectic yet always authentic to the sensibilities of founding couple Helen and Rolf von Bueren.

Helen, born in Thailand, and Rolf, born in Germany, launched the company after their sons left for school in Scotland. Now 30 years later, their two sons are running the company.

The collection is inspired by Thai heritage, Asian folklore and nature.

©Yuriko Takagi Fecko earrings with 13.35 carats of white rose-cut diamonds.

Author Victoria Gomelsky captures the history of the von Bueren family and their prolific approach to design and the culture that surrounds them. A seasoned jewelry editor and writer, Gomelsky, who has traveled the globe and visited renowned houses, spent time observing the elaborate process of the creation of each Lotus Art de Vivre jewel. It is her understanding of the craft that invites us to go on this journey with her to discover a world filled with what she describes as “ jewelry that defies categorization.”
In her preface to the book she explains, “While there is no doubt that the company owes its rich cultural inheritance to Thailand, its products take their inspiration from across Asia. In fact, Lotus artisans pay homage to a tradition of craftsmanship that reaches all the way back to the Moguls of India, the emperors of China, and the rulers of Indonesia.”

©Yuriko Takagi cornflake pearl dragon bangle in black rhodium plated sterling silver with ice diamonds, tsavorites and rubies

She continues, “ This is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of single-piece designs. The combinations include organic materials such as ebony, seeds, nuts, seashells, bamboo, scarab wings, ostrich eggs and stingray leather. The Lotus artisans have pushed the limits of precious jewelry in a way that no other jewelers have done before and no one to come along since has done as well.”


©Yuriko Takagi 22K gold nugget ring in black rhodium-plated sterling silver and diamonds