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Alex Fitz

Small diamonds twinkling against the glow of yellow gold could make any women’s heart flutter with excitement. Yellow gold has been trending for some time and it doesn’t seem like that is going to change anytime soon. It has been around for centuries and has been popular through different periods in time.  Our selection is inspired by Asian fans, flora and fauna, lace trim and geometric forms reminiscent of the Art Deco period, yet all with a current vibe. As relevant as these pieces are in today’s jewelry, they are also versatile and enduring. And, they are the pieces you will want to throw on, or never take off—those go-to pieces that are easy and effortlessly wearable.

Berlinger: Octagon Shape 18K Gold Diamond Mosaic Pendant

Berlinger Jewelry’s Diamond Mosaic collection which this pendant is a part is designer Michelle Berlinger’s collection of elegant and three-dimensional compositions. Working with a variety of cuts of diamonds, she creates captivating arrangements of which no two will ever look exactly alike. Her attention to detail and shape bring together pure artistry and wearability. “The pieces should never be so precious that women don’t want to make them part of their daily rotations,” says Michelle. The geometry and architecture of the Art Deco period are at the core of the inspiration of the designs yet all pieces seem fresh due to the intricate craftsmanship that goes into every one of her pieces. This 14K yellow gold octagon pendant is set with princess, round and trillion cuts.

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Layla G: 14K Gold and Diamond Sun Large Studs 

Layla G’s 14K yellow gold sun-shaped studs can be worn straight up and down or climbing up the lobe. The open airy design features a delicate, refined feeling yet it evokes an Eastern vibe while never seeming over the top or overdone. It’s a sexy stud that fits in with designer Kathryn Giarratano’s aesthetic-to design jewels that become staples like a favorite cashmere sweater black boots, LBD and worn jeans. These earrings can complement all.

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Alex Fitz: 18K gold Diamond bar and chain drop earrings

Alex Fitz’s bar and chain drop earrings form almost a ladder shape that is the perfect length for “wear any time of the day” long earrings. They evoke a look of modern geometry –but with swing and movement which is key to adding sparkle around the face. The earrings are set with ethically sourced princess cut, round and baguette diamonds in recycled 18K.

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Megan Thorne: Picot Diamond Crescent Necklace

Megan Thorne is a guru when it comes to creating delicate and ultra-wearable diamond pieces. She has garnered a cult following for her antique and vintage-inspired engagement rings, all spun into gold interpretations that are timeless in their appeal. She has created the same vibe with her fine jewelry pieces such as this necklace which is set with old diamond cuts in bezels that evokes the look of lace trim. This is jewelry you never have to think twice about, you can just throw on and you project an air of unstudied ease.

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Yoki Collections:  Transformable Diamond And 18K Gold Studs 

Yoki Collections’ 18K gold Interchangeable Earring Studs feature a mix of yellow and white gold. The center is a pave diamond stud with a gold wreath of leaves in high polished yellow gold. They can be worn as just the diamond stud or the entire earring. Yokabid Worku’s often works with interchangeable pieces of jewelry to offer multiple looks in one. Her inspiration for these earrings, she explains is “a play of light and textures and the tropical greenery of palm tree barks/leaves conveying fresh start, restoration, hope and positive outlook for the future.”

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Lindley Gray: Foundation Stacking Pave Diamond Ring

Lindley Gray’s  Foundation Ring is perfect as a luxurious stacking ring. This is a sparky edition of one of the first designs in Lindley’s collections with pave encircling the band. The beauty is in the modern symmetry of the three trillion flush set white diamonds which punctate the band. It is contemporary in its styling and works layered on the finger with other rings in Lindley’s collection or simple diamond eternity bands in any shape from round to baguette as well as in the center of simple gold bands that a woman might already own.  It’s a classic in the making and one that any woman would also be thrilled to also wear alone.”

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Kaylin Hertel: 14K Gold Open Fan earrings

Kaylin Hertel says,” I have always gravitated towards fabrics as inspiration and Japanese textiles in particular. It is the high level of craft and refinement thoughtfully mingled with whimsy and the delicate and natural world that attract me,” says Kaylin. These are the same characteristics that she strives to incorporate into her own work — a balance between the feminine elegance and a tactile feeling of engraved floral designs and small creatures as well as the more graphic three-dimensional fan shapes that define her collection like this circle and fan shape accented in the. center with small diamonds.

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