The Favorite Diamond Jewels of Writers, Bloggers and Editors

While on shoots for different stories or covering and attending trade shows, press events, auction previews and meetings in designer’s studios, jewelry writers and editors like myself get an up close and personal view of all that’s new—and old—in diamond jewelry.

With such incredible access, it piqued my interest in what arbiters of style and sparkle who write for print, your favorite websites, social media channels and blogs covet, purchase and wear themselves.

Do holding hot rocks in our hands, trying on earrings, piles of bracelets and stacks of rings on a regular basis helps us to find what really speaks to us on a personal level?

Why do some of us also seek out antique styles or favor the diamond pieces handed down to us? And, who are those savvy women in the press who also find inspiration and give their husbands or significant others a nudge in the right direction for upcoming gifts?

I talked to a variety of my colleagues and discovered some of the favorite diamond jewels of editors, writers and bloggers who tell us their stories in their own sparkling words. I also talk about one of my most sentimental diamond pieces over on my blog