From The Engagement Ring To The Wedding Party

Wedding season is approaching and we have curated a selection of jewels from the engagement and wedding ring to gifts for the bride, maid/matron of honor, bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Whether it’s something… old new, borrowed (from the past) or blue, we’ve got it covered:


Something…for the ring finger

Michelle Berlinger/Berlinger

“The newest addition to our Diamond Mosaic Collection, ‘The Rockefeller’ is inspired by Art Deco architecture in NYC, and features straight baguette cut diamonds in intertwined bezels of varying heights. For brides-to-be who are looking for a dynamic ring, this is eye catching and the mix of modern and antique details in the setting imbue it with charm.”

The Rockefeller is in14K gold with baguette and round diamonds.

Jessica Klein/Bondeye Jewelry

“The Bondeye Jewelry® Dancing Diamond Ring, which began as a custom design and has since been incorporated into the rest of our collection and is the perfect choice for a wedding ring. The curved band allows it to sit snugly under an engagement ring, and the diamond accents also make it a perfect standalone ring.”

® Dancing Diamond Ring is in 14K gold with round diamonds.



Emily Hirsch/Talon

“I love to create commitment rings with rubies. The deep red of a ruby symbolizes passion and the pear cut is flattering for all finger sizes, shapes and lengths. I added two pear diamonds to signify everlasting love.”

The Julienne ruby and diamond ring is in 14K gold with pear shaped ruby and pear shaped side diamonds.

Something…For The Bride

Anne Baker/Anne Baker

“ This is a perfect piece to gift the bride for her to wear for her wedding. It is created to with maximum versatility in mind. It can be worn as a tennis necklace without the lariat attachment or with depending on the necklace of the bridal gown. and it’s also designed for life’s different occasions beyond the big day.”18K gold Dual Diamond lariat necklace with one light grey South Sea pearl and one darker grey Tahitian pearl drop.


Shari Cohen/Seal & Scribe

“The Toujour Pour Unis necklace provides the ultimate romantic gesture as a gift for the bride. Let’s start with the imagery which includes roses for love and two entwined hearts with arrows and a chain connecting them with the meaning of ‘two hearts together as one.’  Then there is the saying “United Forever” which sums up the sentiment exquisitely.”

Toujour Pour Unis necklace is available in 14k or 18K yellow, rose or white gold.


Samantha Jackson/Heavenly Vices

“The bride might have chosen the bouquet she is holding while walking down the aisle but an antique pendant with modern bezel and chain that features this meaningful floral arrangement is something she won’t want to throw to the single women at the end of her wedding day. It is a piece she will treasure with it symbolic flowers: a rose for love, calla lily for magnificent beauty and lilies of the valley for a return of happiness. These are all aspect the groom can express he feels for his bride in this gift to her.”

Antique US Seated Liberty Dime Love token engraved with flower bouquet of a calla lily, rose and lilies of the valley with a contemporary 14K gold and diamond bezel, diamond bale on diamond accented 14K gold chain.

Something…For The Maid Of Honor

Yokabid Worku/Yoki Collections

“This pair of two-tone mismatched 18K yellow and blackened gold ribbon stud earrings have an air of romance and are a charming and thoughtful gift for the maid or matron of honor. They add sparkle to any dress or gown and they can be worn well after the ceremony.”

“The 18K ribbon earrings are studded with diamonds and trillion-cut tanzanite for a vibrant take on bow inspired designs.


Jenifer Thai/ IO Collective

“Within our bridal gift selection, we engage in close collaboration with brides to design personalized jewelry for their maids/matrons of honor. Rose quartz offers a delicate beauty and it represents different types of love. When given to as a gift to the maid/matron of honor, it reflects the deep trust and commitment which is inherent to the bond friendship. embodies the deep essence of love inherent within relationships.”

Custom rose quartz diamond necklace in 14K rose gold.

Shari Cohen/Seal & Scribe

“A three-masted sailing ship glides over smooth seas, with the motto ‘In Hope’. These is a apropos gift for a maid of honor who is also looking for ‘the one with whom to spend the rest of her life.”

The In Hope pendant is cast in 18K yellow gold from a sealing wax set in our signature claw prong setting. Also available in yellow, rose or white gold.

Gina Ferranti/Gigi Ferranti

“The Graffito heart will be a special gift for your maid/matron of honor. It captures the emotions of the special day and offers a feeling of pure joy and happiness when being worn, not to mention a whole lot of sparkle.”

14K gold Graffito Heart pays homage to the Graffiti in New York City.

Something… For The Bridesmaids

Emily Hirsh/Talon

“Zodiac pendants are such a meaningful gift to give each bridesmaid in their individual signs. They will cherish them as reminders of their importance in the bride’s special day.”

Zodiac Pendants in 14K yellow gold.


Tiffany Bartolacci/Borgioni

“These studs have been a staple in our collection for a long time. They are versatile, chic and effortless to wear. With their touch of romance and sparkle, they make a gift of gratitude for the bridesmaids. Every time they wear them, they will remember their part in a beautiful memory and remind them, if single and if their hearts are open like the earrings, they too will find true love.”

18K yellow gold and white diamond heart studs.


Kate Hubley/K8 Jewelry

“Share the power of pink with the friends/family you choose to stand with you on your very special day. Soft, subtle and feminine, it is the color of kindness, optimism and friendship.”

Pink sapphire emerald cut east-west necklace in 18K gold. Shade of pink may vary slightly from one necklace to another.

Something…for the Mother of The Bride

Gwen Barba/Gwen Barba

“This bell pendant is a sentimental gift for the mother of the bride—a ‘wedding bell’ to remind mom of the day’s many cherished memories whenever she hears its soft chime.”

Seedling Lulu Bell in18K yellow gold.