Gem Therapy: Choosing Earrings or Potions to light up the face

IMG_9045This past weekend, I tried on the glow of gold, the vibrancy of rubies, sapphires and amethysts, the magic of quartz crystal and the and the luster of pearls, all crushed into beauty potions and lotions. Although I usually clasp precious metals and gemstones around my neck, slide them on my fingers or dangle them from my ears to add a little sparkle around my face (as per my grandmother’s directions), I am all for jewels in any shape or form they take. I have been known to sleep with a rose quartz under my pillow to bring love into my life and to put a moonstone in my mouth during a full moon to gaze into the future.

While I was browsing in Barneys NY’s Beauty department and Blue Mercury, and after a blow-out at my neighborhood Scott J. Aveda salon, I was mesmerized by the new amount of products with gems mixed into serums, moisturizers, cleansers and masks that promote such attributes as rejuvenating the circulation of the skin, creating a youthful, iridescence and/or acting as a natural exfoliate.

I am both a jewelry and beauty product junkie, so I am drawn to the anti-aging, moisturizing and curative benefits of stone infused beauty products. I have even written on the subject before, had gem therapy facials and incorporate a few of these into my regime. But it’s a summer heat wave in Manhattan. My skin needs more of a pick me up. Okay, perhaps a lot of help. And there is just so many new, improved and updated facial elixirs that I wound up  asking for samples of all. I have sensitive skin so I try a dab on my hand in store and then plan out my new beauty regime, which amounts to testing each product on a patch of skin before hoping for miracles and slathering my whole face with Sjal’s sapphire infused facial oil. It ‘features calming, restorative benefits’ and is supposed to dissolve tension. If this works in any way, I’d be game to go back to Barneys NY for the ruby, diamond, amethyst and other gemstone infused products for which Sjal has become known.


At Barneys I was also given a sample of Chantecaille’s Nano Gold firming treatment which has 24K Gold crushed into power for antioxidant and soothing properties. I will save that for another day.

IMG_8987I head over to the Aesop counter—products of which I am already a fan—such as the Damascus rose oil. My friendly sales associate shows me a purifying paste with quartz crystals, which I need to immediately turn down as I feel that a paste might be to harsh for my skin.








Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.15.03 PMTomorrow I will try glow by Dr. Brandt, which is a ruby crystal retinol hydra crème, in which ‘optical diffusers and micronized ruby crystals providing a smoother, more even look and a healthy glowing complexion.’ Just the though of my favorite gem, rubies touching my skin is enough to send me running back to purchase it before I see the maximum benefits or if there are any at all.







Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.34.29 PMWhile waiting to check out after my blow dry at Scott J. Aveda, I happen on to Aveda’s tourmaline charged hydrating cream, which isn’t available in sample packets. Instead I take home a scoop in a tiny jar. I am told it will add a ‘dewy, fresh, healthy and energized finish to my skin.’








Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 4.54.13 PMOnce home from the humidity and heat, I use OM Aroma’s pearl face cleanser, which I have used for five years and to which I am a devotee, switching off with another brand of cleansing oil. Om Aroma creates concoctions for sensitive skin and as the literature reads: ‘pearl micro-particles restore skin’s luminosity and clarity by sweeping away impurities.’

That might be taking it a bit further than the soft and smoother feeling it leaves on my skin.




I wonder how I am going to stretch these little packets and tiny bottles to the time I need to figure out if these miracle potions actually work before going out and buying one. I also add up the costs if I were to indulge in all of them. I look at the calculator in disbelief. While I would love a little rejuvenation, instead  I might go out and purchase, a sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, quartz, diamond, pearl and/or gold pair of earrings. What better gift to myself than a pair of earrings that detracts from the crow’s feet expanding from the corners of my eyes, which makes my face light up the minute I start to think about purchasing them.