Gifts To Celebrate Mom On Her Special Day

This gift guide is a celebration of the women who have been there to raise us and root for us, pass on their strength, compassion and empathy. These are the women who taught us independence and to believe in ourselves.  They instilled in us the confidence that we could be whatever we wanted and taught us to go after it. When we were sad –they braided our hair or rubbed our backs and when we accomplished big things they cheered for us. Sure we disagreed with them and sometimes rebelled but we always knew that they would be there for what we needed—they represented the comfort of knowing we had someone with whom we could be ourselves and be accepted.  They are our Mothers, Grandmothers, sometimes our sisters and or our aunts—any woman who helped us grow into the women we are proud we have become. They are, as I have said in articles before—the real gems in our lives—and for them we choose jewels that will make them smile, that might complement their styles or their existing jewelry wardrobes but mostly to show we honor them on their day, Mother’s Day. And we hope that they will wear these pieces with the same intent they were given as a keepsake of the love we feel and know that we are thinking of them, they are in our hearts- whether they are near or far this year– and that they will always be our home.

Here a range of designers talk about why they choose the piece they did as a gift for this Mother’s Day:

Emily Keifer/Emily Keifer

Emily Keifer Modern Acrostic Ring, spelling MOM in 10K gold with moonstone, opal, moonstone

Emily Keifer Modern Acrostic Ring, spelling MOM in 10K gold with moonstone, opal, moonstone


“I share Mother’s Day with my Mom every year. It is our day together. I decide to design a a modern acrostic ring spelling out MOM as acrostics hark back to the most sentimental terms of endearment and I wanted to design something for Mother’s Day that I would want to give to my own mom—a  highly personal, private way to symbolize that she is and will be with me always!”


Thea Miller/DRU. Jewelry


Call Your Mom ID Bracelet in14K yellow gold with white diamond accents.

“With the pandemic and safer-at-home orders around the world, we have been missing our mothers and they have been missing us.  This bracelet brings both humor and sentimentality to this time in our lives.   It is the perfect gift for a mother to give her daughter, whose also a mom—for now she can truly appreciate the message and pass both the bracelet and the saying along to the next generation if she has a daughter of her own.”


Emily Hirsh/ Talon

Talon 14K Gold Dusk Dragonfly pendant

“The Dusk Dragonfly represents the transformation we achieve after true self-reflection. This allows us to also understand a deeper meaning of life. Mothers, including myself, often go through many changes during their child’s life and also gain more insight into themselves and their kids. This is a meaningful pendant as a gift for Mother’s Day because it represents the strong spirit of the woman you are celebrating that guides her through life transitions.”


Samantha Jackson/Heavenly Vices

Heavenly Vices 14K antique gold love token engraved with a beautiful scroll pattern and the word Mother with a 14K gold modern bezel.   This Love Token is a US Type 1 Gold Liberty $1 Coin.  This coin was minted 1849 to 1853.

“What better way to honor the mother in your life than with this love token pendant;  like a mother’s love, this antique engraved coin set in a modern diamond bezel is a timeless, enduring and absolutely unique treasure.”

Kate Hubley/K8 Jewelry

K8 Blue Skies Earrings in 18K gold with Ceylon sapphires with and diamonds.

“These earrings are part of my Blue Skies Collection, which I created to celebrate and say thank you to the women who are always there to help us see beyond the clouds – to look up at the sky with optimism, especially during challenging times.”

Gold & Sapphire Stud Drop Earrings

Linda Googe/Linda Hoj

22K gold and pink tourmaline Kneel Before Me double drop earrings


“The Kneel Before Me earrings are detailed to perfection yet effortlessly elegant. The pink tourmaline is for mothers who like to add a little color to their lives and their wardrobes. The feminine shade of blush of these tourmalines will also enhance and will bring out your mom’s natural beauty.”


Orly Eisbart/Orly Marcel

Orly Marcels Heart Huggies with white diamonds in 18K yellow gold

“This symbol represents one’s heart-center overflowing with love, abundance and self-acceptance. Love is at the center of everything good and these earrings are a thoughtful reminder of the woman who has made you feel and taught you all of these things. They are set with Diamonds for  everlasting love.”

Heart Huggies

Susan Cohen/Circa 1700

Circa 1700 ruby arrow in 18K gold with rubies on the Circa 1700 18K Orb Curb Chain with the Circa 1700 Loving Hand Mechanical Clasp.

“The Arrow is the perfect talisman and metaphor for any mother. It speaks to the direction that mothers provide as they guide their children to learn to navigate the journey that is life.”

Shari Cohen/Seal & Scribe

Seal & Scribe 18K gold and sterling Love Shield which can be inscribed on the back.


“Our new Love Shield is an homage to everlasting love and affection, and what better way to acknowledge a mother’s unwavering love than with this heirloom-quality talisman. The imagery speaks for itself – two flaming hearts joined together with two arrows that are connected by a chain; a bough of lush roses, the flowers of love; and the motto, Unis Pour Toujour/United Forever. Let Mom know that she’ll always be your #1 and add even more sentiment with the names of her children and/or birthdates on the reverse in beautiful hand-engraved script!” Promotion: Complimentary ribbon, chocolates, and free shipping with CODE: BejeweledMOM21


Nan Fusco/Nan Fusco

One-of-a-kind Marramamba tiger eye pendant in spectacular luminescent greens, golds and ambers with yellow gold pave bezel and station bezel set diamonds. It hangs from a 34” mixed sterling and gold link chain that can be hooked at different lengths, enabling you to wear this piece a multitude of ways.

Linked to nature and the ancient spirit of protection, Marramamba tiger eye is a worthy choice for mothers who are keen to tap into their fiercer powers, dispel fear, weaving in higher levels of protection and bringing positive powers of transformation into everyday life.”


Yokabid Worku /Yoki Collection

Yoki Collection 18K gold Fasik earrings

“Inspired by a marine plant moving gracefully underwater with flickers of light bouncing off its stem giving energy of the sun into the marine world. Light is depicted through the round cut diamonds, all set in white gold. The lush greenery of the seaweed is captured through the sparkly round cut natural colored tsavorites when set in blackened gold. The asymmetrical arrangement of the leaves and the structure of the piece portray movement.  These earrings are a lovely choice for any woman who held a very important role in one’s life — as this piece symbolizes hope and new beginning which exemplifies the nurturing and cheering side of unconditional love.”


Pamela Zamore

Pamela Zamore 18K gold Oval Star Choker on a cable chain with center moonstone.

“The vibrancy of our star motif  joined with the traits of reflection and intuition that moonstone carries imbues this choker with the characteristics that represent the qualities your mother has brought into your life.”


Gina Ferranti/ GiGi Ferranti

GiGi Ferranti’s 14K gold and amethyst and gradient blue sapphire combination heart and initial pendants

“The Graffito Initials are the perfect Mother’s Day gift because each charm is as unique as a  Mother’s love for her child. The heart charm mixed with your mom’s initial creates a specialized gift that can be customized to her favorite colors.”


Kathryn Giarratano /Layla G

Layla G 14K gold ‘Raise The Bar’ bangle with diamond or can be customized with any gemstone.

“My ‘Raise The Bar Bangle’ in 14K gold creates a delicate layering bracelet with subtle symbolism. It whispers the meaning rather than shouts it out which is more personal for both the giver and receiver of the gift. It can be customized for a mother or grandmother with a number of stones for acrostics that spell out the first letter of terms of endearment such as love or regard or gemstones to represent birthstones of family members. I personally wear this bangle nearly every day with 4 diamonds to represent my husband, myself, and our two daughters”

Bar Bangle

Jean Basse/Jean Basse

Jean Basse blue moonstone drop studs with diamond accents in 14K gold

Mother’s Day is about commemorating the mom and/or children you cherish. If you are a mom like me—all their gifts are special—because they are from the heart. They can be simple and cheerful and filled with charm like these drop round cabochon moonstone earrings with diamond ear wires. These are the type of gift that packs a ton of character in its simplicity and thoughtfulness and its associations with the good fortune and magic we need right now.

Lori Friedman/ Loriann Jewelry

Loriann Jewelry oval moonstone pendant with baguette and round diamonds surround

“This moonstone pendant with a surround of baguette and round diamonds is elegant yet easy, with an inner vitality and radiance and a subtle sparkle –which could also describe that special woman in your life. Allow your mom to shine with this beautiful go-anywhere pendant.”

Alexandra Fitzgerald/Alex Fitz


Alex Fitz 18K recycled gold and ethnically sourced diamond ‘At The Bar Necklace’

“The ‘At the Bar’ five baguette necklace is a classic piece that is set with five ethically sourced diamonds. By gifting the most special woman in your life to this piece you will be providing her with a wearable versatile jewel to wear and remind her of your commitment to helping others. She will wear it with pride when she finds that a portion of the sale goes to Building Hope Summit County which  also helps provide mental health counseling to youth that can’t afford it.”