Giveaway and The Book Every Jewelry Afficionado should own

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Let’s just say, I wish I had written this book and chosen the photos! Understanding Jewellery  by David Bennett and Daniela Mascetti (ACC Artbooks) has been reprinted several times since it’s first printing in 1990 and it’s been revised and updated throughout the years. It’s one of those books which you keep staring at the photos of awe-inspired pieces from the Georgian Era through the 21st century. And you keep going back to look again. It’s informative, comprehensive and invaluable reference if you are a collector of any of these periods of jewelry. You can pop back to it and easily find out what you are investigating as the chapters are broke down into time frames–which allows you to go to the early 19th century or the post war years of the retro period and zero in on exactly what you might need to know. Gemstones are covered as well as are the metals and tehniques, the styles representative of each moment in jewelry’s history. The expertise of David Bennett who is Worldwide Chairman International Jewellery Division of Sotheby’s and Daniela Mascetti, International Senior Specialist Wordwide, based in Geneva is unsurpassed.  Both were in the jewelry department of Sotheby’s in London when they wrote the first edition.

This book seemed the perfect giveaway for the launch of a magazine dedicated to all of the time-periods discussed in the book and to the jewelry enthusiasts whose love for this craft and the story is an inspiration.

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