Go-to Getaway Jewels

Jamie Joseph Aquamarine Statement Rings

Recently when the winter chill hit New York, I was deciding on a long weekend get-away to a tropical island. In previous years,   after the first snow covered the city streets, I have often gone on short trips to warmer climates in different countries, while other times, I headed to the West Coast, where I could dip my feet into the ocean, wear open toe sandals, T-shirts, summer dresses and long earrings without worrying about them getting caught in a cashmere scarf.

But like many women, I am prone to over pack. I obsess over sarongs (they’re light, maybe just take all six) and about which swimsuits to choose (they’re small, better pack one for each day). I can masterfully sit on my suitcase and close it, although the zipper seems to get stuck and at approximately a quarter of the way around. At this point, I shift my weight and break a freshly manicured nail. Once, a guy I was dating, asked, “Don’t you think it would be more rational to bring just one pair of black pants instead of three and wear them twice?” Rational? Twice? These are not words in a women’s travel vocabulary.   I’ve become a pro at asking for travel samples of my favorite moisturizers and other toiletries so I can have more room for jewelry in my large tote handbag.

It boils down to the simple fact that I have no idea what I will want to wear in twelve hours before I leave, no less the four days that I’ll be there. And ultimately, I never wear even half of the jewelry I bring. It doesn’t come out of the hotel safe until the day I am packing to travel back home.

As I mulled this over –I realized there are go-to pieces for quick winter getaways. And, they can be easily stashed in a jewelry case that fits comfortably with your extra hydrating spritzer and beauty aids you bring on to the plane.

Here are some of the essentials-the pieces that will come out of the safe-that I suggest for your next mini-break to a warm climate:

A long pair of polished rough cut gemstone earrings or decorative hoops can dress up a T-shirt and a sarong as you linger over cocktails while watching the sun set over the beach. Or, they can easily swing with the  rythyms of the beat on the dance floor any any tropical or warm weather resort.

A pair of studs or single drop earrings are perfect if you are the type of woman who would never leave the house or  hotel room without earrings. They are just the right size for hanging out at the beach but can also be worn for lounging around the pool, casual dinners or midnight walks.

One large statement ring is much more suited to traveling then a bunch of stackables. Although stacking rings are always fun and a creative way of showing off your personal style—some can easily get lost while on vacation. It’s safer and more impactful to go with one large ring with multiple vibrant gemstones or one main colored stone.

The throw on and go necklace can be fun, feminine and elegant.  It can range from an antique locket, a contemporary fringe style with colored gems, or a delicate gold organic motif of leaves and branches. Whichever you choose will depends on your individual taste, but for vacations such as these, you only need one that can work for any time of the day or part of the trip.

A cuff or wide flexible bracelet in a lightweight openwork style in yellow gold lends a chic vibe to a white shirt and pair of jeans or a sleeveless summer dress.  One for each wrist in the same or different styles can also add the subtle sophistication to the most low-key of fashion basics.

A antique brooch with a insect motif such as a dragonfly, butterfly or spider  in diamonds and pops of color  are just the touch to wear in multiple ways: in your hair, on the shoulder, neckline or waist of a summer dress, on the pocket of a jean jacket or can be used to turn  a summer weight scarf into a sarong by pining it to hold it in jus the right place.

Bentley & Skinner antique dragonfly and bee  brooches

Packing light has never been more appealing thenwhen you are planning your ‘getaway’ jewels.


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