The Guide to Buying Antique and Vintage Engagement RIngs



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Buying an engagement ring is intimidating on its own but if your future fiancée prefers antique or vintage rings to modern styles, you may well be in over your head, even if shopping as a couple. She might know what she likes, and she may have done a little more research than you did, but unless she is a serious antique/vintage jewelry collector, you are both novices in a tricky arena.

It’s difficult enough navigating the language of classic modern engagement rings, from the different settings to the four Cs of diamonds, but now you have to educate yourself on time periods, motifs, value and a hell of a lot of hard facts without losing the allure and charm of why she wants the ring in the first place. Allow us to break it down for you one step at a time.


Antique and Vintage Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide