History Of Charms: Part 2


The 2nd in a three-part series of the history of charms

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Charm bracelets continued to enchant and capture the hearts of women in the early 20th century. Due to the advent of platinum, brilliant diamonds and advanced gemstone cutting technologies, charms during the late Edwardian/Belle Epoque periods and Art Deco movement took an elegant, sometimes whimsical,and highly imaginative approach, with daintier shapes, forms, and/or expressive motifs at such houses as Boucheron and Cartier.

Among Cartier’s revolutionary Art Deco pieces, the house was known for its small but highly stylized platinum charms sparkling with diamonds and artfully placed baguette and square-cut emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Often the bracelets had themes such as “The Jazz Age” with musicians and instruments. There were also romantic themes, with flowers, hearts and letters of love, or bracelets which represented hobbies, such as the sporting life and/or travel. Other bracelets dangled with charms that were completely tongue-in-cheek, inventive and playful. Charms were sold separately for clients to create their own stories or were custom made to tell a woman’s tale.