Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Totems and Talisman

A little luck, protection  and guidance goes a long way as women feel the desire to add symbolic meaning to their jewels. Depending on the wearer’s personal, lifestyles and superstitions, these are a range of meaningful jewels from which to choose this holiday season.

Samantha Jackson/Heavenly Vices

Enamel Lucky Star Love Token in 14k YG and Diamond Bezel on Diamond Studded Chain


“Celestial jewelry is our year round favorite, and it feels right to us during the holidays, from the symbolism of the north star(direction, guidance, stability, steadfastness) to the adornment atop our Christmas tree.”

Megan Thorne/Megan Thorne

Here Comes The Sun Pendant in 18K yellow gold with diamond



Megan describes it  as “a precious talisman to wear close to the wearer’s heart. Celebrate the one who fills your life with light and love. Or perhaps the person you are gifting is embarking on a new adventure, what better goodluck charm than a golden sun breaking the horizon? “

Dru./Thea Miller

14K Gold Large Ruby Dagger

“The Daggers are a symbol of courage, bravery, and resilience, says Thea.  “This 14K version includes the symbol of love as represented by the rubies.”

Circa 1700 by Susan Cohen

18K Gold and Antique Fossilized Sharks Tooth


“My Fossilized Zodiac Shark Tooth is a Talisman that’s a part of antiquity for thousands of years. Says Susan. I have designed it to be bold and romantic and added constellations to celebrate what’s written in the stars.”

Shari Cohen/Seal & Scribe

The Higher, The Tighter Deluxe Signature necklace in 18K recycled gold and available in yellow, rose and white gold with diamond accents.



Says Shari,  “The French motto, Plus ils s’eloignent, plus ils le serrent, translates to a most beautiful meaning: Further they fly, the tighter the bond. Made from a mold of a hand-cast Georgian-era seal, this beauty features two birds connected by an infinity knot, an elegant reminder of the powerful connection and deepening bonds that can develop when people are given the freedom to reach their highest potential.”

Emily Hirsch/Talon

Phoenix Intaglio pendant necklace in 14K yellow gold with black glass intaglio.



“The Phoenix Intaglio is my most meaningful and symbolic piece,” says Emily.  It symbolizes rising from the ashes of a challenge to become even stronger. The piece becomes even more powerful when created in heirloom Venetian glass.”

Tiffany Chao/Auroro

Try Your Luck 14K Gold Horseshoe Ring


“This horseshoe ring which is a talisman for luck is designed with an edgy modernism. that speaks to the customer of today.” Says Tiffany.  It is crafted with diagonal corners and  paved with diamond for a bit of bold sparkle to wear as a statement ring.”

Emily Duffelmeyer/Jean Jean Vintage

Cachet Double Sided Sealing Wax Pendant


“This double-sided pendant, a replica of an 1830s French wax letter seal, expresses gratitude for the blessings of the present moment and acceptance of the inevitable passage of time: a perfect gift as one year ends and another begins!” says Emily describing her ‘Always Grateful’  cachet, which depicts an hourglass with wings on one side and a flower thriving under the Cupid-faced sun on the other.

Diamonds On Go

Diamonds that are effortless chic, worn for any occasion and can be thrown on before the wearer walks out the door.

Tiffany & Rhonda Bartolacci/ Borgioni

14K Yellow Gold Baguette and Round Diamond Choker Tennis Necklace


“We designed this necklace as a contemporary twist on the classic tennis necklace that was multi-functional and also with multi-cut diamonds. It could be worn as a choker or in different lengths depending on the wearer’s mood,” says Tiffany. “Our main goal was to create a fun, versatile, modern day diamond necklace that could be part of an ever day jewelry rotation”

Thea Miller/Dru.

Diamond Claw Ring In 14K Yellow Gold With Diamonds


“This ring combines edge with sophistication,” explains Thea. “It’s the perfect gift for the woman who embodies both”

Emily Duffelmeyer/ Jean Jean Vintage

Vintage 14K Old Mine Cut Diamond Earrings



“A great pair of diamond studs will serve you well year, after year, after year.  We make our custom JJV studs with old cut diamonds, which we select for their romantic sparkle and charming, one-of-a-kind faceting.” Emily explains. “This 0.60 TCW pair – matched and set by JJV is a perfect size for daily wear and a jewelry box essential!”

Vintage 14K .60 CTW Old Mine Cut diamond stud earrings

Yokabid Worku/Yoki

Muriel Stud Earrings in 18K Yellow Gold With A Halo Of Diamonds



“Inspired by the tropics and exotic  surroundings.” Says Yoki. “A pair of studs with its layered scaled-up wave motif is intricately sculpted with a swirl of white gold, set with diamonds portraying tropical sun bouncing off the surface of the ocean.” She continues. “The sun, water and waves are symbolic of power and resilience.”.

Gina Ferranti/GiGi Ferranti

14K gold Graffito Mosaic Diamond Hoop



The 14K gold Graffito Mosaic Diamond Hoop styles perfectly in the wearers first piercing or places in the second piercing next to a favorite stud. A unique shaped diamond hoop the receiver of this gift will never want to stop wearing. A perfect gift to start your diamond hoop collection.”

Anne Baker/Anne Baker

Splash Golden Necklace In 18K Gold



“The Splash golden necklace with the heart shaped diamond  is a tangible reminder of the connections we feel but can’t always see. Perfect on it’s on its own with this textural chain offering a tactile and feminine feeling ” says Anne. “Pair this pendant with other designs from the collection for an added touch of elegance.”

Color Me Beautiful

Vivid colors and mixed cuts of gemstones are perfect for holiday cheer and will put a smile on any receiver’s face. From fancy colored sapphires to spinels to tourmalines, they are popular in every classification of jewelry.

Orly Eisbart/Orly Marcel

18K Gold Temple Carved Earrings



“Our Temple Hand Carved Stone Earrings is by ancient Middle Eastern temples which will  transport to far away sacred spaces.” Says Orly, “The intricate and detailed design of all of the purposely positioned stones helping define and bring focus towards the tear drop shape.”


Dale Hernsdorf /Dale Hernsdorf

22K Demeter Earrings With Pink Tourmalines


“Demeter is the Greek goddess of the harvest, and these earrings contain the colors of a dramatic sun rising to nourish a fertile earth.” Says Dale. “I recommend the Demeter Earrings for the holidays because the high-carat gold is sensual and luxurious, while the vibrant pink of the tourmalines is perfect for the festive season.”


Tiffany Chao/Auroro

18K Gold Heart Shaped Mismatched Earrings



“From our Dream In Technicolor collection, we contrast vibrant colors in different fancy cuts of gemstones for rings, pendants and mismatched earrings with textural ribbed settings.” Explains Tiffany. “Our earrings run the gamut from heart and emerald to marquise and kite shapes and can be worn as a pair or sold as separates to create an individualized ear party.”


Jennifer Thai/ IO Collective

Bridgette Earring With Rose Cut Tourmalines And Diamonds



“Part of our Celestia Collection, our Bridgette earrings are swingy, fluid, fun and elegant all at the same time,” explains Jennifer. “They offer a festive feeling for the holiday season with three drop of bi-color tourmaline and pavé diamonds.”

Kate Hubley/ K8 Jewelry

18K Gold Multi-Color Sapphires Studs



“This is our version of the vibrant, happy colors that speak to renewal and optimistic times.” Says Kate. They are available in two colors or one in the pear shape settings with diamond accents for a twinkling effect.” They can be gifted as a pair or as singles depending on the receiver’s personal style.”

Anne Baker/Anne Baker

Nested Ring in 18K Gold With Sapphires And Tsavorites



“A rich mix of blues and greens in my updated nested double halo setting, with ovals from east to west for a exuberant way to introduce precious gemstones,” Anne explains. This is a ring that can be worn on any finger on the hand and gives a nod to stacking, toi et moi and bypass rings with a modern energy.”

Susan Cohen/Circa 1700

18K Gold Love & Luck Horseshoe Nail Ring



“This ring embodies centuries old symbolism in a colorful and playful statement piece outlined by enameling in myriad colors of gemstones. You can chose them by birthstone or meaning of the stones for a personalized holiday gift.”

On Bended Knee

For those who want to pop the question during the holidays there are a variety of enticing engagement rings which are inspired by antique and vintage rings with a distinctive sensibility which will speak to a range of relationships.


Emily Hirsch/Talon

14K Gold Ruby Julienne Ring



“The Ruby Julienne is my favorite commitment ring that I have designed,” says Emily,“The red pear-shaped ruby is symbolic of  passion, and the side pear shaped diamonds speak to enduring love. Additionally the curving shape is very sensuous and pairs well with stacking wedding bands.”

Michelle Berlinger/Berlinger

18K Gold Not So Mini French Cut Halo Diamond Mosaic Ring



Says Michelle, “This is the ultimate holiday proposal ring. It’s glamorous and harks back to the lines and details Art Deco design. The French cut diamonds are hand-cut  in LA for this ring.”


Jennifer Thai/IO Collective

18K Kennedy Spinel Ring



“When we look for colored gemstones for our engagement rings we are interested in a compelling character and unique hues.” Says Jennifer. “And this radiant cut spinel fills the bill. We add diamonds for a dash of sparkle.”

Shari Cohen/Seal and Scribe

18K Gold For Ever ring



Shari describes the ring, “An antique ruby red glass seal depicts two hearts joined with an elegant ribbon and bow. The motto is clear, ‘(Two Hearts) For Ever’ with accent European diamonds. What a simple yet heartfelt way to tell someone how much you love them! Perfect for a holiday season engagement proposal.”


Megan Thorne/Megan Thorne

18K Yellow Gold Vieira Solitaire Engagement Ring



“I strive to create engagement rings that evoked grace, elegance and femininity without being fussy or overdone.” Says Megan. This one is designed with double scallops which  flow into a softly fluted cup, enrobing an antique old European cut diamond.”


History Lesson

Jewelry’s past influences the present in designs that hark back to antiquity yet are translated with imagination, creativity and a contemporary spirit. Inspirations include tiaras, padlocks, intricate lace and old world mottos interpreted into heirlooms for today and for years to come.

Samantha Jackson/Heavenly Vices

14K Lock Stories Flor Lock Necklace



“This is a modern take on a combination lock with each side of the lock representing the same sentiment in a different language and motifs inspired by the Victorian era,” Samantha explains.  “The Flor version gives a nod to the Victorian Language of Flowers, with four flowers which were used as a silent sentiment:   tulip for ‘declaration of love’, a pansy for the French ‘pensee’ which means think and came to mean ‘think of the giver’ or ‘think of me’, a rose for romantic love and a forget-me-not for remembrance.”

Shari Cohen/Seal and Scribe

18K Gold With Ruby Halo and Mother of Pearl Backed Separated But Not Disunited Ring



“This is part of our new Love Letters capsule collection, celebrating love in all its many forms! An antique clear glass seal shows two hearts, bound together. The motto, ‘Separate But Not Disunited’ could be interpreted in different ways.” says Shari. “Some meanings include: two people in love, but perhaps living in a long distance relationship, or a situation where one partner travels often. two people that are separated by their own individuality, but are also united in their eternal love for one another. Additionally, it could also relate to a parent and their child who is growing into adulthood and leaving the nest.”


Kate Hubley/K8 Jewelry 

18K Gold Semi Eternity and Crown Ring With Pink Sapphires



“This semi-eternity band and crown ring set is inspired by the strength and wisdom of queens throughout the ages who have conquered both fears and foes” says Kate. It is inspired by regal crows, tiaras and diadems, translated as stacking bands with a modern sensibility,  optimism and a lively spirit.” Made in Montreal.

Gwen Barba/Gwen Barba

Aster Earrings In 18K Gold With Diamond Accents



While hiking I came upon a leaf that lost all its greenery and all that was left was this delicate, structural pattern of veins. it immediately reminded me of the intricacies and textural nuances of antique lace and openwork.”