The holidays might be different this year—social distancing from our loved ones, staying close to home, keeping everything simple and keeping your family friends and yourself safe. That doesn’t mean you can’t gift a great jewel—one that has deep meaning for the wearer, makes her feel confident, strong, protected and beautiful during a time when people can’t see our smiles or tell how we are really feeling through our masks. And quite frankly, why not find a jewel that adds some joyous sparkle to up our more utilitarian outfits, our sweats, our new feeling for ‘loungewear’—like long T-shirt dresses or for zoom calls, casual on the bottom and dressed more appropriately for work on the top.

Throughout this gift guide, you will find pieces that will light up the wearer’s face, that will touch her heart, that will make her smile, that will bolster her belief in hope, love and luck and that will accessorize her in everything from diamonds to colored gemstones to pearls. Let’s shine on through this holiday season while we continue to meet the challenges as we head toward better times in 2021.

Linda Hoj’s Morning Star earrings in 22K gold has .74 TCW of hex diamonds and is a handmade, one of a kind piece. Linda explains, “the beautiful hex diamonds dictated this design which turned out magical with a sense of guidance and protection. The Morning Star can be the brightest star to wish upon or a talisman used to keep the wearer safe from harm.”




Circa 1700’s Love & Luck Horseshoe Cuff is a modern take on an antique-inspired bracelet. Says designer Susan Cohen, “Horseshoes have represented good luck for centuries and particularly in the ever-popular Victorian era. I have designed a bracelet which gives a nod to the past with a current look that wraps your wrist in love and luck.” Circa 1700 will personalize this bold statement piece with enamel text on the exterior and gemstones of your choosing as well as a hidden enamel icon on the interior. The possibilities are endless.


Dru Jewelry’s designer Thea Miller has become known for her meaningful, empowering and tongue-in-cheek messages on her pendants and signet rings. This one, which reads veni vidi amavi, translates into “I came, I saw, I loved” in 14K with three white diamonds on each side is perfect for the person who knows that’s what life is about.

Karen Karch’s Gabrielle Rosebud Necklace is featured in 14K gold and lapis with a 14K 18 inch chain shining with an asymmetrically placed star with a center sapphire.  Regarding her influence for this design, Karen explains, “For me, rosebuds represent possibilities. They represent a stage of growth toward potential. They represent the importance of hope and beauty in a thorny world.”  This gift is perfect for the holiday season for those who love amulets and carved gemstones.

Jennifer DeMoro’s Chroma Illusion Pendant Necklace is shown in 14K yellow gold. “It’s a four-sided spinning pendant that is set with rotating colors that represent the California sunset,” says Jennifer. Blue topaz, amethyst, citrine and pink sapphire in 8 x 4 baguette stones are the colors that create an unexpected staple for the wearer’s jewelry wardrobe. For those who want to customize, Jennifer can create the same style with birthstones and with four-letter words that spell out love or dear in acrostics among other bespoke choices.

Seal & Scribe’s Talismanic Nil Desperandum / Do Not Despair ring is the ultimate symbol of hope. Says Shari Cohen, designer, “It’s  the perfect reminder that there is always a new door opening, a new corner waiting to be turned, a new day to start over again.” The antique chalcedony seal is hand-carved with an anchor (for hope) , its rope curving round in an almost serpent-like manner (for continuity). It is set in 14K rose gold with a surround of blue sapphires which play off the mystical feeling of the chalcedony and the rose gold.


Kapes Fine Jewelry’s diamond stud earrings are inspired by nature. “Crafted with pie and rose-cut diamonds, these studs set in 18K white gold dazzle like a fully bloomed flower adding exceptional beauty, sparkle and luxury to a classic style.”

Sig Wards mixed round and baguette diamonds are gypsy set in to this 18K Manifest necklace. “It’s inspired by the shapes and forms of horseshoes and magnets, symbols of good fortune and attraction. Use it as a modern talisman along with the mantra “I am” to turn your dreams into a reality while the luck of the horseshoe does the rest,” says Sig.


TALON’s Sacred Heart Pendant is rendered in 14K gold and as designer Emily Hirsh explains, “The Sacred Heart is not only a symbol of eternal love and devotion but also of transformation as flowers grow from the pierced heart.”  This pendant is part of the Midnight in the Secret Garden collection inspired by Emily’s favorite childhood book, The Secret Garden. This collection features sweet yet edgy ladybugs, spiders, ivy and TALON’s signature snakes, roses and moons.

Orly Marcel’s 18K yellow gold ‘Symbols’ wide band ring. Orly Eisbart has incorporated three powerful symbols into the ring for guidance (guiding star with blue sapphire) open heart (heart with ruby) and new beginnings ( Lotus with emeralds). The stones also bring meaning to the ring: sapphires for loyalty, rubies for passion and emeralds for hope and prosperity.

Heavenly Vices’ “Darling” love token proves that everybody is a star for someone in their life. The antique love token is sterling silver and is modernized with a 14K yellow gold and diamond bezel setting.  Of the possible history of this piece, designer Samantha Jackson says “I imagine someone commissioning this love token for a special occasion, to let their beloved know he or she is the center of their universe.  In these challenging times, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love receiving this emblem of appreciation and adoration.”


Mizuki Jewels are known for modern sensual pearls.  “There is an individuality that comes through in the way in which your loved one choose to wear the collection, whether it be more streamlined or layered.  I find beauty in simplicity and that each singular piece becomes an expression of who you are and what you want to project out to the world,” says designer Mizuki.


Kendra Pariseault’s Staccato Earring evokes a chic sexy vibe. Shown here in Kendra’s signature hot pink sapphires, this earring style is bold yet feminine, edgy yet elegant and can be worn on its own or with multiple piercings.



Chinchar Maloney’s stunning pair of Montana sapphire earrings are rendered in recycled rose gold. Says Maloney, “we source these sapphires in their rough form from the miners who mined them in Montana. Each sapphire is unique, having been sculpted by hand, by us.”   This pair are sisters, not twins since each sapphire is one-of-a-kind.


Emily Keifer’s blue enamel and 14K gold celestial ring. Emily describes her inspiration, “The stars remind me that if you burn bright enough, you can bring  a glimmer of hope to someone even if they are far away and there is no better holiday season than this one to offer someone the magic found in the evening sky.”



Girl Up Collection was created to benefit global gender equality. In addition to a sizable donation to the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up initiative, an additional 5%  of sales will also support the cause of creating tomorrow’s female leaders. This is jewelry designed as a force for global good. Here a 10K rose Gold Dove lariat, symbolizes peace and is accented by responsibly sourced diamonds.

Assael’s Silk Earrings featuring Akoya Cultured Pearls, 9.0 – 9.5mm in 18K Yellow Gold, 2.4” length drop. These are the type of earrings that are light as a feather and that you can wear with an easy nonchalance. The chain has a silken feel, hence its name, and the unique design brings back the pearl with contemporary everyday luxury.




Pamela Zamore allows your loved one to shine bright in these single drop earrings with intricate textural interest. The fluted edge around the center diamond creates a feeling that’s laid back yet full of bright charm. These are hand-finished in 18K gold with center diamonds.


Loriann Jewelry’s moonstone and mixed baguette and round diamond earrings – the magic of moonstones bring love and luck to the wearer and change color with the light. These earrings are part of Loriann’s Confetti collection and feel festive and celebratory. Wear now, wear tomorrow and in better times ahead.