The Jewel That Might Have Been: The One We Let Slip Away,Yet Will Never Forget

In June 2017, Bejeweled ran a two-part series of stories as told by jewelry designers, editors, retailers, collectors and antique dealers/store owners about their ‘one that got away’—the jewel that no other has lived up to. (Read here).We heard from so many of our readers of how much they related to each of the stories that we decided to turn it into a column with one captivating tale each month.

In our initial installation we introduced the series by writing: There is one piece of jewelry that we let go, due to fate, timing, chance or happenstance that haunts us at night (think of Heathcliff wandering the moors for Cathy and you’ve got the picture—just put a pendant in Cathy’s place). And, no matter how many rings encircle our fingers or bracelets climb our wrists, we will never quite forget this piece. For anyone who has loved and lost a gem, read on … you are not alone. Our first column featured Jennifer Heebner, a fellow jewelry journalist for 20 + years and owner of

Our second monthly installment features Dawn Hendricks, owner of Peridot Fine Jewelry.

Dawn Hendricks has sought out the most talented independent designers for the past 15 years for her shop, Peridot Fine Jewelry in Larchmont, New York. But Dawn isn’t one to hop on the board with the jewelers receiving the most press or those that are being touted as the next great designer. Sure, she selects talents that we are hearing about—those that we want to own and collect and that are making an indelible mark on jewelry’s future. But as a seasoned retailer with a keen and uncanny insight into women’s desires and the ever-changing jewelry landscape, she considers her location, customer base and what will and won’t work for her shop. Designers include but are not limited to Jamie Joseph, Moritz Glik, Temple St. Clair, Tap by Todd Pownell Jacquie Aiche, Annie Fensterstock, Margery Hirschey and Polly Wales. Her décor is airy and open with natural daylight streaming in and gallery style fixtures, although it is also comfortable with a feeling of warmth, emanating from the collections she features, the shop’s welcoming sales force and the down-to-earth owner, herself.

“I am so privileged to have the opportunity to get to see so much lovely jewelry in my business.  Often I can become mesmerized by a piece that I know is truly spectacular, but if it’s not the right piece for our store, I will take a deep breath and let it go. Then, there are those pieces I realize I should have bought.

The necklace I can’t stop thinking about purchasing for myself was spectacular, one-of-a-kind, majestic and yet incredibly subtle. Because it was, at the same time, quite and intricate, I know it would have been a piece I would have treasured for years and enjoyed each time I wore it.

It was designed by Cathy Waterman and was created in 22- karat gold with Tibetan turquoise.  The turquoise pendant had all the qualities I love- a subtle pattern in a blend of beige, rust and mint. Cathy created a fabulous swirl of cognac pave diamonds to frame the stone, which elevated it from a simple piece to one that had this magical subdued elegance.

Just when you think a piece can’t get any better, you find more intricacies that make your heart skip a beat. Cathy topped the pendant off by adding a truly beautiful 1.64- carat cognac diamond and setting it in a floating cognac diamond pave hexagon frame.  The stone is held in place with her signature ‘thorn’ prongs, each set with a tiny diamond. Leave it Cathy to give us detail upon detail we never tire of.

The final element of surprise is the two-carats of tumbled aquamarine stones that bring the pendant to a 30-inch length- imbuing it with the ultimate casual elegance. Tumble aquas? Who knew?

This necklace would have been a signature look for me. It’s seasonless and a piece that can go anywhere!

I learned my lesson. I now follow my passion without thinking twice.”

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