Jewelry on the Catwalk and Designer Studios to Add To Your Wish List

Christian Dior Spring Runway Show

The Spring 2018 international runway shows have ended and are happy to report that our early trend predictions were on target. We also spotted some others you might want to add to your wish lists.  Here is are the looks from the Milan and Paris catwalks and how some of our favorite influential fine jewelry designers have interpreted them.

Just when you think a trend has run its course, it becomes more popular. Such is the case of short to long layered necklaces. Chokers, lariats, and all lengths in between graduate down the neck in delicate versions with either symbolic motifs or simple diamonds or gemstone pendants and drops. 

Ultra Long is also a predominant style on for swinging pendants and charms 


There were cross-cultural influences throughout the shows from Southwestern and Native American inspired jewelry to those that look like they were collected at various global bazaars and fairs.

Pamela Love Lasso Necklace

Dolce & Gabbana showed us what it would be like to be queen for a day. Their suites of gem-encrusted crowns and diadems with matching earrings and necklaces bespoke regal jewels of nobility through the ages. Fine jewelry designers interpret these in everything from wedding bands to stackable rings.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2018 Runway

The fantastical appeared on the runways again–more sea-life than floral,  but still, the two are entwined when the jewels are bold, singular and evoke the feeling of being in another place and time.

Alternative non-precious materials have a place in the world of fine jewelry and particular in sculptural, curvaceous and sensual lines that form cuff bracelets and hoop earrings. They also appear in high karat gold, often laden with gemstones. There is also a tribal feeling that is rendered in more streamlined shapes and often in textured gold or thinly cut stones. 


Earrings of every size, shape, and length is the trend that keeps on moving on. On the runway, the pieces were exaggerated as they often are. In the designer studios, they appear wearable, edgy, and oh so modern.

Jacquie Aiche diamond linear earrings


Message jewelry continues to speak a language of social, sentimental, symbolic, and sometimes playful or tongue-in-cheek meanings.