Jewelry Therapy: What Your Next Jewelry Purchase Means

There are a number of ways to de-stress and open  up to different aspects of life that revolved around the use of gems. I went once for a chakra facial and it was without a doubt, relaxing. After the facial I was even gifted the rose quartz that was put on my heart chakra which is said to promotes love and understanding. I was told to bring home the stone to place under my pillow to “continue to invite love into my life.”  This definitely put me in a happy calm state until I realized I was running late for an appointment and walked face first into the spa’s plate glass door. While I admit to being a klutz–this could have happened to anyone rushing, after the door had just been cleaned to perfection. It was practically see through  and so I tried to walk through.  After my ENT doctor agreed to see me; my nose turning  shades of black purple, blue (yellow and green were yet to come) and with it swollen as large as Jimmy Durante’s -I did in fact meet a guy in the medical building elevator, whom I dated for a couple of months.  More about fate, timing and guys who are in ‘rescue mode’ later.

As I wrote  in an earlier article, I will try just about any new  potion, lotion or cream that contains crushed gemstones and/or gold. Imagine my surprise when just this morning I woke up with a rash on one side of my face. Upon calling my dermatologist who has dealt with all  my sensitivities (and there have been many),  she asked  in a droll manner, “what new product have you tried this time?

I am proof that the only real  jewelry therapy is going out and buying something new to wear around your neck or wrist, on your fingers, in your ears, or scattered and pinned to you clothes or hair. Rough and crushed stones might be worth a try, but the way to uplift your spirits or go into de-stress mode is purchasing a jewel or two, or…more.

We talked about five of our favorite finds a few weeks back in anticipation of spring/summer. But since the warm weather didn’t spring forward as quickly as hoped, we went on the hunt again and found some more goodies:  gemstones and motifs that are not only trend worthy, but each reveal symbolism and meaning. They are designed to  bring luck, love, protection and a whole lot of style to our lives.

Take the antique inspired large medallion on a fob style chain  by Foundrae, which features the saying “With Every Breath”.  To paraphrase the meaning, the pendant celebrates the passion of life, surrendering to love. It also represents a hope and the motivation to always keep moving forward and the flowers evoke what is wild, abundant and untamed in our hearts.

But we can’t just stop at one piece from Foundrae’s designer Beth Bugdaycay, former CEO of Rebecca Taylor, who is inspired by antique and vintage jewelry. The heirloom quality and history are evident in all of her pieces but what Bugdaycay excels at is is transforming these pieces into modern styles with age old meanings. These connect and speak to us on various levels depending on where we are in our lives. I am a huge fan of cigar bands and my heart skipped a beat when I saw this Mille Fleur version in 18K gold champlevé enamel and diamonds.

 Ark Jems’ designer Ann R Korman is inspired by her background, which runs the gamut from fashion and art to yoga and Kabbalah, and is all represented in her work. I am gaga for her moonstone pieces but have already featured them.  Korman lets us in on a tidbit of astrological information–the planets in our solar system are each connected to a specific gemstone. This seven Ceylon sapphire ring is linked to  Saturn and is the gem that Korman says, “protects the wearer from evil spirits and is the stone of destiny.”
Speaking of destiny. I have talked about my love for  moonstones before–they are associated with all good aspects of life: luck, love and protection  and can possibly bring an old flame back into the wearers’ orbit. It’s one of my two favorite stones. I have even gone so far as to believe in the superstition of putting a moonstone my mouth during a full moon to be able to foretell the future. When I told this to  my good friend and super talented designer Mary Aulde of Alberian & Aulde, when we were discussing  these perfectly proportioned, 14K rose gold and rainbow moonstone earrings, she said, “That might be a bit unhygienic, don’t you think?” As we both laughed, I reminded her  “I am the girl who thinks that a chain of  talismanic charms lands planes and that rose quartz under my pillow will land me a new guy. ” She cracked up and  admitted that there was some sort of magic to moonstone.

 Susan Cohen spends weeks and months tracking down  similar antique and vintage charms to those she has sold and that are in high demand. This is not an easy task.  So she went full speed ahead into working on designs that evoke the same feeling and give a nod to the earlier pieces. Two of the newest in her “Circa 1700 Inspired Collection of charms ” are her “Yes. No. Maybe?”  and  “Good Luck!” medallions. They are crafted with a warm rich blue enamel, diamonds and rendered in 18K yellow gold. Cohen says, ” I believe one doesn’t need to have all the answers. Sometimes life simply shows you the way  if you have an open mind and let’s the magic in. And then there are moments when magic meets luck and there’s no looking back. To add a little twist to the “Bonne Chance” pedant – the one to the right has the North Star symbolizing guidance and wishes.”  With charms like these you’ve got to have both.

A little bit more edgy, like all of Venyx World’s symbolic designs, Eugenie Niarchos’ fine jewelry collection is consistently finding the meaning in the motifs and the gems. These hoops aren’t only on trend but recall Ancient Egyptian symbolism of stars, sun and the God Ra.  Hence, the name Mini Ra Hoops.  They remind me of the sun rays after a storm, when we might  just might be lucky enough to see a rainbow in the colors of the gems in these earrings.  Throughout time and various cultures, the sun has been a symbol of power, growth and the cycle of life.


Then there is the beauty of remembrance– such as in the thistle motif in Colette‘s new ear cuff collection. This a flower most associated with Scotland in the 18th an 19th centuries to commemorate those who have gone before. Bu in Colette’s creative hands, they become a celebration of a life well lived.  Her ear cuffs are designed in 18K  yellow gold with multicolored diamonds and pearls.

Just writing about these jewels have provided me with the retail therapy I needed. Who I am my kidding? The real takeaway here is not only  the awareness that these  pieces exist or seeing them in person, but the purchase of a jewel or more for oneself. And, the association with buying a piece that makes you feel protected or that you think will bring you guidance, luck or love– that’s the type  meaning that will always put a smile on your face.

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