Are Your A Late Shopper? Here are Some Quick Picks For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is getting closer and if you are running behind in shopping for your meaningful gift, we’ve got you covered. These designers participated in our first Mother’s Day gift guide, which I wrote a few weeks back to offer you the chance to order and receive your bespoke, limited-edition, customized or one-of-a-kind gifts for the special woman in your life.

The designers we feature in this guide don’t need the lead time they did with the first guide and have these pieces in stock. They would be ready to ship with enough delivery time as long as you order the piece as is. We know how important your mothers, grandmothers, daughters and sisters who are moms and other women who have taken part in your life are to you. Therefore we are giving our last-minute shoppers the chance to show your love and celebrate them on their big day of the year with jewelry that is meaningful and they can wear every day.

Samantha Jackson/Heavenly Vices

Heavenly Vices 14K gold re-imagined and recast from original love token pendant with modern diamond bail on 14K yellow gold chain (chain sold separately)

Heavenly Vices 14K gold re-imagined and recast from original love token pendant with modern diamond bail on 14K yellow gold chain (chain sold separately).

Whether your mom, your grandmother,  sister or daughter is also a ‘true friend’ as well as your family, this is the perfect pendant to let them know how you feel about them—that they serve multiple roles in your life. It can also be engraved with initials, names and dates on the back just in time for Mother’s Day.

Emily Hirsh/Talon

Talon’s 14K gold and ruby ladybug pendant.

Emily Hirsh’s Ladybug Pendant is part of her “Secret Garden” collection, named after her favorite book when she was a girl. In a nod to the legend of finding a ladybug on your hand or arm and making a wish and blowing it away for your wish to come true, the ladybugs in the Talon collection “are a symbol of optimism, good luck and future prosperity.”


Orly Eisbart/Orly Marcel

Orly Marcel’s lotus charm pendant with emerald center and bale. Also available in pink tourmaline.

A significant gift for mom, Orly Marcel’s lotus flower represents purity, enlightenment and rebirth.  Designer Orly Marcel says, “wear this Lotus Pendant as a daily reminder to stay on your spiritual path.”


Alexandra Fitzgerald/ Alex Fitz

Alex Fitz’s  “All Day Earrings’ in reclaimed gold and round and baguette diamond earrings.

There is a reason that designer Alexandra Fitzgerald calls her earrings All Day Earring. These are an elevated version of studs with different cut diamonds yet which can be worn, yes, every day, all day. They are comfortable and versatile and add a stylized look to modern studs.


Kate Hubley/ K8 Jewelry

K8 Jewelry’s Sheild Pendant in 18K gold with diamond center.

Shields symbolize protection and there is nothing like mom watching out for us while we are growing up. Why not give her a little daily reminder and thank you for keeping you forging ahead towards your goals and overcoming the obstacles in your path.


Shari Cohen/Seal & Scribe

Seal & Scribe’s 18K gold “May You Be Happy” intaglio signet ring–with antique intaglio in a modern setting.

Let mom know that her happiness is as important to you as yours is to her! One of a mother’s most important wishes is to see her children doing well, so why not remind her every day of the year that you want the same for her. This antique seal is set into a 18K gold signet that was customized to the seal’s proportions and simple yet powerful design.  What better gift than the gift of happiness!

Nan Fusco/Nan Fusco

Nan Fusco’s white and yellow gold stretch link chain with mixed gold and silver shield and wrapped fringe with pave diamonds.

Mothers try to shield us from hurt and pain in our lives—they are often there to console us during first heartbreaks, high school dramas,  if we lose or want to change our first jobs and other events that affect our lives. Show her that you remember how she nurtured you instead with this statement-making shield in gold and silver with diamond pavé.

Jean Basse/Jean Basse Jewelry

Jean Basse’s Double Petal Brushed 14K yellow gold earrings.

For the special woman in your life who loves earrings, prefers a little length and knows they add a little glow around her face. These earrings are sculptural yet naturalistic in design and are light as a feather but carry their weight in gold in the way they will make the woman you are gifting feel.



Linda Googe/Linda Hoj

Linda Hoj’s 22K gold chain and setting for a center cabochon moonstone.

The magic of moonstone will always light up the woman your gifting’s life. Set into 22K gold on a 22K gold chain—this necklace combines ancient details with a modern vibe for the mom that likes to stand out rather than blend in.

Girl Up Collection

Girl Up collections’ 18” sterling silver Fierce necklace with diamond pave.

Tell mom she is ‘Fierce’  this Mother’s Day with a gift that gives back to support global gender equality. This empowering talisman pendant from the Words to Live By assortment features an 18” Sterling Silver necklace with 0.25 carats of responsibly sourced Diamonds. The necklace benefits the important work of the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign.

Lori Friedman/Loriann Jewelry


Loriann’s 14K gold moonstone pear-shaped studs with green and blue sapphires.

A pop of serene colors offers a lighthearted and laid-back approach to stud earrings. These green/blues are cheery hues that go with almost every complexion and myriad lifestyles. If you are looking for an easy-to-wear pair of earrings that will put a smile on the recipient’s face, this is the pair for you.