Learn how the designer infuses meaning and feminism into her graphic designs


Gigi Stack rings from her Regallo collection with and without diamonds


Fashion-conscious fine jewelry designer, Gigi Ferranti associates precious pieces with milestones in a woman’s life, from heirlooms to gifts. These evoke cherished memories of friends and family to jewels purchased for achievements for oneself. It was one of these meaningful pieces that she first designed and gave her the impetus to launch her collection in 2015.

“I created my very first piece while in class at GIA. It was actually a re-design of a man’s tigers-eye ring in 14K yellow gold. I sketched the new design and sourced diamonds and a green tourmaline, which was striking with the tiger’s eye. In the new modern setting, it really came out the way I had envisioned. It was my dad’s ring and I was a bit nervous but he was thrilled and instead of sitting in an old box as it had done before the redesign, he wears it everyday.” Gigi explains.
Although Gigi began her career designing one-of-kind pieces for family and private clients, (which she still does today), her two year ‘young’ collection is based on the symmetry of geometric lines and architectural influences, all interpreted with Gigi’s finely tuned delicate yet powerful, feminine aesthetic.

bracelets from different groupings in Gigi’s  collection all work together as a stack or can be worn singularly

Her different themes in the collection can stand-alone or intermingle with other groupings. All designs are created for maximum versatility and rely on triangular, hexagonal and diamond shapes which run throughout  the collection, She adorns many of the styles with pave diamonds that cover the piece for sheer luxury or as accents for gemstones that range from vibrant to pretty pastels.

Her love for layering and stacking can be seen  through the collection and she has created pieces that can stack and layer together no matter what shape or motif  you choose.

Hexagon and Regello collection rings stacked together

While many of her pieces are on-trend—such as lariat and Y-necklaces, stack rings and stud and convertible earrings—they are also designed to be part of a woman’s every day wardrobes. These are staples that can be worn with new pieces from both Gigi Ferranti and jewelry a woman has in her existing wardrobe. “Everything is designed so that it can carry forward, depending on how you wear it and what you will pair with when styles change. She says, “ I will always evolve but everything I design will withstand the test of time and continue to be a go-to piece for the modern woman.”

Pendants in three different sizes in which triangles and arrowhead designs form the basis of the motifs

Gigi’s love for jewelry began as a child, “I was one of those kids who began wearing jewelry as an infant,” she says.

Her first piece was a baby bangle bracelet that was adjustable and expanded as you grew. Gigi explains, “It was given to me by my grandparents who used to travel to Italy to visit relatives. They always brought my sister and me back a piece of jewelry when they traveled. It was a big part of my childhood. I still have some of the jewelry today and when I look at it, it brings back such great memories.” She continues, “The significance attached to precious metals and gemstones –pieces that you can wear is so much stronger in meaning than other art forms,”

Although her past was filled with connections to jewelry, she began her career in fashion and eventually became co-owner of a luxury boutique in Brooklyn. “We carried designer clothing and accessories including bags, shoes, fashion and some fine jewelry. Our strength was great customer service and dressing women from head to toe.” She explains.

Gigi decided to switch gears when the neighborhood of the store began to change and she was also going through personal evolution in her life. “Sometimes you just need to move a few things around and rearrange what is not working anymore for what might.” She smiles. Her initial love for jewelry led her to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) l to learn more about gems and jewelry.

After designing the ring for her father and pieces for friends, she began sketching and once she felt she had enough designs with the same sensibility, she learned everything else about the industry. “I am passionate about the process, the first steps of starting a new design, working through to make it functional and beautiful at the same time. It’s a truly rewarding experience for me,” Gigi explains. “I also love seeing how everything comes together and what works, what needs tweaks and ensuring that all is as perfect as humanly possible.”

Gigi concludes, “Its one of my favorite aspects to see how the pieces pass from my hands to my clients wearing and enjoying them and then hopefully passing them down to the next generation. That is the true journey and creates the history and significance in jewelry.”


Created In Partnership with Gigi Ferranti