Meaghan Hennelly’s takes an unconventional yet symbolic approach to bridal/commitment rings

Different hexagon and sheild shaped engagement rings in rustic diamonds

For Meaghan Hennelly of Goldhenn Jewelry, “transitioning into bridal was a natural evolution. I had already been working with rustic opaque diamonds and these translate so well for women looking for something more unconventional in their choice of engagement rings.” Meaghan soon found herself adding white diamonds in all type of cuts that were anything but traditional.

Her recetnly launched collection, Meaghan Hennelly, a line of bridal/commitment rings, focuses on what has become the new norm—alternative engagement and wedding rings.

While some designers work with these opaque diamonds in organic shapes, Meaghan’s sensibility leans to geometric cuts. “They are more symbolic to what engagement rings are supposed to represent.” She continues. “Hexagons are similar to shields which speak to protection and in this case protection of love. Kite shapes evoke a lightness and happiness, and letting go to let love in. But the couples can also interpret the shapes in a way that is most meaningful to them.”

Kite shaped engagemen ring with diamond eternity band

For her center stones, Meaghan prefers all shades of grey diamonds as they are the opposite of what was once expected—to be colorless. “And grey is definitely the best selling in the collection as it’s most neutral. “But, my customers are also responding well to the cognac, champagne and sienna tones and brighter yellows which I have begun to work with more often.”

Grey diamond hexagon shaped ring with blue sapphire eternity band

In addition, she creates eternity bands in these natural diamond hues as well as all shades of sapphires, rubies and emeralds and she has created complementary pave styles that outline geometric forms and can be layered or stacked with her center stone rings.

The collection is designed so you can choose and mix these rings up in myriad combinations. “Many of my customers purchase an engagement ring with a center stone and then either one of the geometric outline rings or a simple eternity for their wedding band. Since I have been designing the rings, some of them have come back to add another one for an anniversary. It’s a way of creating your own suite of rings which represents how your relationships grows. They can be added for any milestone like the birth of a first child or an occasion as simple as a birthday or gift giving holiday.”

Ring with deep champagne center stone and diamond border with kite shape diamond outline rings to add and stack as the relationship grows


Meaghan says that there is not one demographic that is purchasing her rings “except that the women who are choosing them are more open to something different, a piece that says something more about them then about society.” She continues, I have everyone from millennial to those getting married for a second time or later in life.” Buying an unconventional wedding ring is definitely more about an attitude and aesthetic. It’s also more relevant today when woman have learned to embrace what is their tastes and personalities and not have to go with the status or the ‘norm’.”

Center stone, eternity and gold bands from the collection for adding and creating the wearer’s own unique look

As the line continues to evolve, Meaghan says that the most exciting aspect is seeing the way in which clients will put the rings together that she had never thought about combining.

“Its interesting to see. It’s also proof that the rings appeal differently depending on the relationship and what is unique to the couple. There are no two loves that are exactly alike and it gives me such joy to design rings that represent this aspect when creating the most important piece of jewelry a woman will wear.”

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