More Mileage: Mizuki on Jewelry Packing Tips



For some people traveling is an adventure- for me it’s a never ending lesson in how to pack light. Sure, I love the journey but get me to the destination with a carryon bag that I don’t have to sit on or break a nail to close it.

I have proudly mastered the art of obtaining samples of all my beauty products and have 3oz bottles of other potions neatly filled before I leave. I take an iPad instead of a laptop and have learned that wearing a pair of jeans twice is not a fashion sin because rationality needs to fit into my wardrobe choices just as my bag needs to fit into the overhead bin.Considering that I will never know what I want to wear tomorrow– let alone five days in advance of leaving—jewelry, for me, has always been more of a challenge. I know not to wear it until I am through the metal detectors and to swing my arm when going through TSA approved line for my Cartier Love bracelet- or else risk a full body search. And yet I still over pack- so much so that half of the pieces I bring don’t get to see the light of day.

Presuming I am not alone in culling down my jewelry for traveling, I enlisted jewelry designer Mizuki to share her jewelry essentials for traveling. In the past year Mizuki has become bi-coastal—living and working between New York and California- while also hopping over to Japan for personal appearances and trunk shows several times a year. Mizuki’s jewelry is a study in versatility– her pieces can be worn in several ways and look good in all situations– just like the designer herself, who always looks effortlessly elegant and radiant.

So we ask her what pieces she rotates, rearranges and manages to get the most mileage out of in her travels…

MIZUKI: “Whether I am going to my home in California (where I keep a wardrobe of fashion staples) or am going to Japan for two weeks, I always like to travel light. And when it comes to jewelry, I never really stray from my seven basics- unless I have a black tie event that calls for something more glamorous. You would be surprised how much mileage you can get out of just a few pieces when you decide to only bring those that are interchangeable or ultra-versatile.


Here are my seven essentials:

  1. My leather and baroque pearl lariat travels everywhere with me. It is my go-to piece for any outfit, making a very simple look more dramatic or adding edge to a casual look when wanting to dress down. The elongated leather is available in a variety of colors and can be worn as a long lariat or looped around the neck for a layered look, or even a choker. It can also be wrapped around the wrist several times.
  2. I always wear my diamond solitaire necklace from Tiffany & Co. It’s a classic and goes with anything. I think it’s become like a good luck charm to me an it’s the one piece you don’t have to worry about in the shower or on the beach- with the exception of it falling off. But it layers & mixes well with everything else. Perfect and simple!
  1. My Panerai watch. Since many of my jewels are small and pretty when I mix it in the balance of a large men’s watch is the perfect juxtaposition for my jewels.

The rest of the pieces, in addition to my lariat, are from my own collection because as a woman who wears jewelry I think of what I would wear while I am in the process of designing. Plus, all the pieces are light and fit into a small jewelry case.


  1. I stack pearl cuffs to create an understated version of a statement look.  I love wearing the cuff with my watch, with the large watch face the pearl cuff acts as the perfect juxtaposition.
  2. The collar is my signature look, and a look I wear the most. I feel that a pearl nestling on the collarbone makes your skin luminous and frames your face.
  1. I pair this with my baroque pearl and diamond studs, which can also be worn with any of the other pieces. Personally, I like the contrast of the size of the pearls with the simplicity of the diamond solitaire necklace. For me, it’s a look for running around or doing errands either at home or away.
  2. A pearl and diamond ring is the perfect singular bold piece in my own jewelry wardrobe and also in my collection.  I wear this ring on my index finger, diamonds cascading down.

I never wear all the pieces together- I style them differently daily. But they all mix, match, contrast and work together in various ways, which is what you want from your travel jewels- when you need to think about taking less and having it look like more.

In addition to my jewelry, when traveling there are many must haves but two things I take everywhere: moisturizing cream/oil and perfume.  Traveling dries your skin so much so this is absolute necessity and for jewelry to look great, hydrated skin is a must!

Serge Lutens Bois Et Musc is a favorite fragrance. When I travel I like to spray my room with it.  My husband bought a bottle in Paris for me so if I’m traveling alone, I like to walk into a scent that reminds me of him!