Monica Rich Kosann’s Magical World of Jewelry

For two decades, Monica Rich Kosann has been renowned for meaningful pieces that hark back to the past and are designed with a modern ingenuity that combines nostalgia with symbolism to help us navigate our lives today and well into the future. Her pieces have become talisman for contemporary times which  resonate with a wide demographic of international consumers. This season she unveils her newest capsule collection of necklaces,  Fables & Fairy Tales, inspired by her favorite stories that have been passed down through generations. Monica transforms them into enchanting, magical jewelry that will delight the senses with a touch of magic and a dash of whimsy—and the youthful wonder and comfort of familiarity that each tale ignites in us.

“Fairy tales and Fables stay with us from the time we are young well into adulthood,” Monica explains, These timeless tales of adventure and fantasy continuously allow our imaginations to run wild.” She continues, “all the lessons and morals these stories provided us with as kids can be revealed in different ways as adults.”

Therefore they seemed to be the next step in Monica’s ability to translated unique messages though jewelry.

She continues, “I personally love the Tortoise and the Hare which I have included in the Fables & Fairytales collection since I believe we have built our business and brand over the years with the philosophy of “slow and steady.”

Here, Monica’s describes some of the new necklaces and her inspirations for each:

“Let’s discuss a bit more about the famous Aesop fable The Tortoise and the Hare.  I used to read this to my daughters and now, to my grandsons. It’s a great lesson and moral in life. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ which easily translates into patience is a virtue and will get you far. I have reimagined The Tortoise & The Hare necklace with an 18K gold green tourmaline center and diamonds for the tortoise and diamond pave for the hare.”

“The Kiss Necklace is inspired by the Grimms fairy tale The Frog Prince. I hold this deep in my heart as it teaches us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and more importantly, inner beauty is the vital characteristic to inspire love. I designed the red enameled 18K gold lips and diamond pave frog to also reveals  a bit of whimsy and symbolize that patience is key in finding ‘the one.’”

Jack and the Beanstalk” provided me with the influence for The Magic Bean Necklace in 18K yellow gold and enamel which slides open to reveal five green tourmaline ‘magic beans’. For me, this is a perfect lucky charm, and it’s geared to believing and having confidence that your dreams and hopes will come true.”

“Apples are a theme in multiple fables and tales. Some good and some evil. But for my collection, The Apple Necklace in 18K gold with red enamel and a marquise shaped diamond represents the positive and the preservation of our heroines. It is the ultimate symbol of female empowerment.”

I also personally love what the Mad Hatter says in Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland.  ‘We’re all mad here.” This inspired 18K gold block letters saying the same.  I feel that this is very true and we should own and embrace our own bit of madness. It keeps us creative and also teaches us to have a sense of humor in life!”

Monica continues to inspire, elevate and take us to a level of happiness in the most  challenging of times.  She is an innovator—yet her pieces are easygoing and versatile to wear alone or enliven an existing jewelry wardrobe. Her newest collection is a breath of fresh air, significant and filled with optimism and romance.