Erica Molinari: Ring Around The Poesy

Hidden Messages of devotion, friendship and empowerment are all part of Erica Molinari’s recent ring collection, based on poesy (poetry) rings that date back to the 14th century. The period styles were replete with motifs representing love, faith and loyalty engraved on the outside and verse or sayings to be worn close to the skin. Later 18th and 19th century versions revealed simple band that spoke volumes in mottoes inscribed on the inside.

In her distinctive style and with her affinity for jewelry that is deeply entrenched with meaning, Erica has continued to rejuvenate jewelry from the past with a newly found presence. And these rings are exception examples of how to create a modern take on an historical theme- gutsier yet still feminine, an edgier take on the classical.

Bands of varying sized widths with deep floral and scrollwork patterns chased and highlighted with black enamel on the outside. The insides are inscribed with Latin or English mottos that can hold different meanings depending on the wearer’s life experiences and how they choose to interpret each inscription. A ring with small floral design says ‘she flies on her own wings’ while a wider rose bud pattern declares ‘know thyself’. There are also forget-me-nots that clearly state what they mean and other patterns with inscriptions by writers, playwrights and poets such as “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” (Oscar Wilde) and “Beauty awakens the soul to act” (Dante Alighieri) to name just a few.

These rings can also be worn on a chain as a pendant or can be mixed with your period or antique posies and can be work as stackers or wedding bands