A painterly palette of watercolors and rare organic gemstones define Loriann Jewelry

Lori’s moon quartz necklace in 14K gold with diamond accents on top of her watercolor painting


lorriann-3Chat with Lori Friedman the designer behind Loriann Jewelry and you immediately understand Lori’s love for serene color combinations, organic shapes and uncommon gemstones that look like they came directly from the earth or washed up from the sea. Lori’s collection is a culmination of influences: her affinity for the Frescos she saw while touring Italy in her youth, painting with watercolors  and inspirations that include the the peaceful  green-blues hues of the ocean, plant life and the bountiful details that can be found in nature. Each one of her pieces is highly nuanced and often imbued with an heirloom quality.

The wavy translucence of watery moon quartz highlights the Loriann Jewelry Water&Ice collection

When asked how she began designing, she says, “My passion for jewelry was first fueled while treasure hunting with my mom, a vintage  jewelry collector, on weekends. I began collecting antique and ancient ivory pieces that I found at the various shows and fairs  we attended. I was fascinated by the intricate and exquisite detail of these carvings, which inspired me to create a small capsule group of one-of-a-kind pieces and to eventually go on to launch a full scale jewelry collection.”

Lori’s first small capsule collection of antique ivory pieces

Prior to introducing Loriann Jewelry, Lori worked as a graphic designer and art director for an engineering company and eventually a freelance designer for small businesses. “I left my career to enjoy time with my three children and when I was ready to go back to work, my attraction to unusual gemstones and painterly color combinations led me back to my first love- jewelry.”

Specially cut blue chalcedony drop pendant with accents of diamonds .

Since then, Lori  consistently creates pieces that revolve around exclusively cut stones which stir the imagination and  inspire women to look at, touch and wear. “I’m intrigued with gems that are influenced by light. When I see fire in a stone  it excites me. My favorite is opal and it just so happens to be my birthstone.”


Ethiopian opal and  chocolate diamonds earrings

“I also love moonstone, labradorite and sunstone and my newest obsession is astrophyllite, which is similar to moss and dentritic agate that it comes out of the earth looking like landscapes and formations of trees. I also love the idea of women wearing amulets and fashion stones into talisman such as horns for good fortune.”

A rare astrophyllite pendant necklace with sapphire accents

“My latest collection Water & Ice echoes my watercolor paintings, another passion of mine, which I’ve worked on over the years. Both reflect the aquatic fluidity and translucency of the ocean. For my jewelry collection,  gemstones are shaped to look like sea glass or are organically cut and one-of-a-kind.

Gems shaped like slices of sea glass combined with Ethiopian opals

“I’m thrilled to say my collection has been featured in Mitchell’s and Richard’s for over 14 years. My collection has also been in Saks Fifth Avenue and in small galleries in New England.”

“My intention as a designer is to create pieces that reflect the more casual lifestyle of modern day women. It’s also important to design pieces that a collector can keep adding to—pieces that can be layered, worn, without fuss and with complete abandon. “I don’t see myself as following trends, rather I am following my passion.”

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