Penny Preville: On Building An Earring Wardrobe

“Earrings are the one piece of jewelry that no woman should leave the house without,” explains jewelry designer Penny Preville. Penny knows of what she speaks. She has been designing for over 30 years and throughout her career, has instinctively understood what women of varied ages and demographics want to wear. I have seen Penny’s design process: cutting out technical drawings of jewels to see if they are the right length, shape and hanging at a flattering angle on her ears, wrists, neck and fingers. She creates the delicate balance of allowing women to shine in jewels that will never outshine them. “From studs to chandelier styles, earrings add sparkle and glow and light up a women’s face. They allow women to feel confident in their femininity,” says the designer who wears dangling earrings to run around doing errands on weekend, from the farmer’s market  to the gym. “There are seven silhouettes, different metal choices and stone colors that should be staples or foundations of a woman’s earring wardrobe.” Penny adds. Here are her picks for the perfect pairs from her most recent collection:

1- Like the LBD, every woman should own the LDS (little diamond stud—however like the little black dress there is a range of options and silhouettes) Our trillion shaped 18K white gold stud with pavé surrounding the central diamond is a new favorite of mine and one that I have started wearing as my go-anywhere staple. It is a much more current take on your basic round brilliant stud that you wear alone or with a jacket of diamonds. It is also available in yellow and rose gold.

2- Every woman can use a bit of color around her face. We prefer the subtler pop of pink sapphire, which brings out the fire-y pinkish/purple flecks in our opal pendant earrings. The setting of 18K rose gold lends a tonality to the total look of the earring, which allows it to be worn with almost every color in your wardrobe. Pendant earrings also can be worn during the day and are the perfect earring when you need make a quick change and leave from the office for dinner or a cocktail reception.
3- These next ones are our magical earrings for many reasons. After you have chosen your studs, you will definitely need a pair of simple but shimmering drops. I love changing it up a bit, so if your studs are diamonds, then I prefer a more ‘neutral’ color for drop earrings. For most women, blues have become their ‘neutrals’ and look good with just about any complexion. And with the diamond accents, you can’t go wrong. Moonstones also have three meanings throughout history, which I love: they protect travelers (definitely bring or wear them on all of your trips), they are considered a stone that brings happiness in love to the wearer and they are the stone of all around good fortune.  With all these attributes, these should definitely be in your ears right now.

p44- I’m mad about these ear-climbers with a bar of pave and marquise and pear-shaped diamonds, which are attached to a removable drop of the same cut of diamonds. These are definitely on my favorites list. I designed them so that you could have two fashionable looks in one pair and so that they could be worn on multiple occasions. The timeless design of these ear climbers hark back to more elaborate ear clips of the 30s through the 50s. I have simplified them for a modern take on a high style statement piece. But, like the clips of the past, they are classic enough to endure the fashion of the movement and offer a stylish option for years to come.

p55- I have created many different earrings with motifs throughout the years. These include a range of various flowers, leaves, feathers and crescent moons to name just a few. But if you are going t start with one motif-driven earring in your collection, I suggest the star motif in 18K yellow gold and diamonds. It’s both soft and structured and is a look and length that is flattering to different shaped faces and hairstyles. And doesn’t everyone need a lucky star to guide them? This style is also available in 18K white gold.


6- These are definitely going into my jewelry wardrobe. I haven’t stopped wearing them since I designed them. I am passionate about the shapes of the Art Deco period and have created earrings inspired by them in the past. But these are a mix of themes. I was designing them and realized that the pyramid shape also reminded me of ancient goddesses. These geometric lines mixed with movement, swing and fluidity  definitely capture the mood of a strong independent, yet feminine, woman. Although I would throw them on with any outfit, I recommend them as your must-have earrings for evening- when the lighting is just right and captures the shimmer and glow of the diamonds around your face.


7- These jackets that rest under the ear are my classic rendition of the most current, hip and fashion-conscious earrings. You attach them to your studs and you have an ultra-modern look, timely and on target with today’s jewelry trends. But I also designed them to be the earrings of many tomorrows as they are classically set with inverted and graduated pear shaped diamonds in 18K white gold.


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Thank you to Penny Preville for the collaboration with BeJeweled