Revitalizing Your Engagement Ring

Did you know that two style icons, Jackie Kennedy and the Duchess of Windsor, both reset their engagement rings to keep up with modern times? The First Lady asked Van Cleef & Arpels for additional marquise shaped diamonds and the Duchess of Windsor had Cartier refashion hers with a more current setting. These legendary woman, who also both chose emerald engagement rings understood that when it comes to the most sentimental jewel you own, it’s all about going with what you love and recognizing when you need a change.

The question for many women—is there a specific time to revive a bridal ring?

-It can be as early as the time of the engagement if the diamond has been inherited and the stone goes with your personal style but the shank of the ring is more old hat than antique chic.

-If your style has changed since you got married and you find a designer whose vibe is in sync with yours.  You can ask them to create a ring around your diamond that is similar to a style in their collection, but that is expressly made for you.

-If you want to change your diamond for a different cut or to upgrade in size from your original stone.

Here are some suggestions on how to transform your most treasured jewel with a different diamond, setting or colored gemstone and when to trade it in for an entirely new ring:

Happily Accept What’s Handed Down

If you fall head over heels for the diamond that  you received from you or your fiancée’s family, then why not go to a designer whose aesthetic matches your personality?  They can design a ring around the special sentiment of being passed down, which will create a new story for you to start your life together and carry on your history to the next generation. Megan Thorne took  ta 1.5- carat diamond European cut center diamond and accent stones from a private client’s grandmother’s ring and re-created it into a feminine  18K gold scalloped ring.


Megan Thorne’s scalloped ring with client’s grandmother’s diamonds


Consider Changing Your Cushion Cut

Your engagement ring of 10 years ago, an Edwardian-inspired style set in millegrain detailed platinum isn’t working for you anymore. You still have an affinity for rings with an antique feeling, but today you would prefer a look that’s more easygoing and  less encumbered. Your original cushion cut central diamond with it’s subtle sparkle can get a total makeover when set  against the warm glow of yellow or rose gold. Kwiat can switch it up with a simple streamlined four prong setting.  Or you can ask Erica Winters to re-fashion your ring in 18K rose gold with a sculptural floral diamond halo.



Revamp with a Rose Cut

If you have a traditional diamond in a cathedral setting that rises high off your finger and you long for something that’s lower profile with more individuality, you should consider a rose cut diamond in a ring that evokes earlier times, yet displays  a mix of vintage and modern details. Trade up your plain round diamond ring for this style by Sofia Kaman with a pear-shape rose cut or Rebecca Overmann’s oval rose cut with diamond halo.


Supersize Your Stone

If you want to keep your original  round diamond but are hankering for a larger look and a more extravagant setting than your classic prongs, there are many rings from which to choose. Two completely different but equally alluring styles include Single Stone’s modern mixed metal yellow gold shank with white diamond halo and Kwiat’s pierced and engraved Art Deco-inspired setting.


Choose A Colored Gemstone

Throughout history, rubies, emeralds and sapphires were popular gemstones for betrothal rings. Then in 1947, when the De Beer’s “A Diamond is Forever” campaign was released, it influenced an entire generation to want to be engaged in diamonds.  Lady Diana Spencer changed that when she married her Prince in 1981 and almost single handedly  brought back the sapphire engagement ring. After colored gemstones went in and out of favor during late 20th through 21st centuries,  Prince William presented Kate Middleton with his mother’s ring, and sapphires shone in the spotlight once again.  A varied of precious gemstones soon followed and today almost anything goes. More and more women are choosing from a  rainbow of pastel to vibrantly colored gems created by renowned houses, independent and emerging designers.