It’s A Small World –A Celebration of International Women Jewelry Designers

pictured above left to right Christina Alexiou/ Christina Alexiou /Athens, Greece and Maria Lichtenberg/Paris/France

This article originally appeared in Forbes March 8, 2021. I am bringing it back for this International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month to celebrate these and the many other women jewelers who are making a major imprint in the world of jewelry.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I went on the hunt for woman jewelry designers from around the globe with fertile imaginations and unbridled creativity. They range from emerging designers to more established names. They hail from different continents, have grown up in one country or city and then moved, taking with them their love and knack for creating relevant, poetic and sometimes whimsical jewels. They work in different mediums but all have one thing in common, they are brave, independent and have weathered this past year of challenges, gaining even more strength, while creating some of their most powerful designs. Ironically, what was once a male dominated industry brought us the first female visionaries starting with the 20th century, who first tore down the boundaries and proved themselves worthy of collectability and a place in history. These women, such as Suzanne Belperron, Juliette Moutarde, Jean Toussaint, Elsa Peretti, Coco Chanel and a host of other names throughout the 20th century, pioneered the way for future women jewelers to thrive. After all, who knows best what feels most comfortable on a woman then another woman? Here are the groundbreakers of today and tomorrow, those we honor for putting a smile on our face by creating jewels that will commemorate our shining moments and always that add little more sparkle to our lives.

,Silvia Furmanovich/Silvia Furmanovich/ São Paulo, Brazil.