Symbolism, history and nature all inspire the sister and brother duo behind Brevani

Rose gold, ruby and diamond ginkgo leaf necklace

Allison and Jordan Peck, the sister and brother team behind the Brevani collection, grew up in the jewelry industry. Allison, founder and director of merchandising explains, “we have been going to trade shows and visiting retail stores ever since we could walk.” Jordan, director of operations continues, “In 2016 we established Brevani as a branded division of Color Merchants-our parent and parents’ company. Even as kids, we would play with precious metals and gemstones rather than toys. It seemed only natural for us to take what we learned to the next level by launching our own brand.”

Tri-color gold and diamond ginkgo leaf ring.

When looking for inspiration for their first collection, the two became captivated by the intricate Ginkgo leaf. Not only does the leaf carry several symbolic associations in different cultures throughout history, but also those meanings translate well for the team whose parents are now celebrating their 30th year in business.

“Longevity, endurance and vitality are some of the meanings attributed to the ginkgo, which we connect to on a business level. We hope that our customers will also find a connection on a personal level,” says Allison.

It’s meaning derives from its history; “The ginkgo tree is said to be the oldest surviving tree and living fossil. In addition, it is one of the only plants to survive the bombing of Hiroshima”, says Jordan.

“The ginkgo’s organic shape, coupled with its symbols of hope and resilience, also factored into the decision to create a  ginkgo inspired collection for the launch of Brevani. In addition to the significance, we also wanted to work with a motif from nature. There are many varieties of flowers we see in both antique and contemporary jewelry, but while researching the market, we were happy to find that the gingko leaf was relatively unused by modern jewelers.” Allison explains.

Wide ginkgo leaf ring with rose and yellow gold and blue and bronze rhodium plating and diamond pave

By combining old world details and modern technology, a vibrant use of colored gemstones and finishes, and the fan like shape of the leaves in different sizes, textures and metal tones, the result were rings, necklaces and earrings that came to life in a three dimensional, tactile collection.

“In addition to mixing rose, yellow and white gold, we chose to add a blue rhodium finish on select styles which represents water, an essential characteristic to life and the plant itself.” Allison says.   Gemstones include diamonds, rubies and amethysts which make the pieces pop even more when mixed with the different hues of gold.

Necklace of rose gold, yellow gold, blue rhodium over god and pave diamond vines of ginko leaves

One of Allison and Jordan’s favorite pieces in the collection includes a choker of entwined leafs which features rose and yellow gold with blue rhodium and diamond pave accents. Another favorite of theirs are the stackable rings, which you can wear alone or layer into different configurations or ‘bouquets of the leaves’. These rings have polished and textured finishes with varied colored gemstones and hues of gold.

Although this collection tends to be the most striking of the Brevani pieces I have seen so far, Allison and Jordan are continually looking towards new technique. Their latest collection, Spryngs takes the traditional eternity band and expands it up to two sizes! If a woman gets pregnant, she no longer has to put her ring in her jewelry box for eight months. The ring expands with a woman always providing comfort and style.,” explains Allison. Currently the styles include full eternity and half eternity bands set with one to four-carats of diamond or diamonds interspersed with precious gemstones. “We have recently launched the collection and the innovative technology behind the flexibility is proving to be a winner. The rings are selling as quickly as we can produce them,” adds Allison.

Spryngs flexible eternity diamond band

Allison concludes, “Like the Ginkgo, we plan for Brevani to be around for a long time to come and to continue to thrive and produce beautiful collections that will also withstand the test of time.”

Two-tone rose and yellow gold ginkgo peanda with diamonds and pearls

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