A kaleidoscope of Vibrant hues


Rowan & Rowan Georgian Harlequin Necklace

Similar to the effect we experienced when Dorothy woke up and opened the door to the vibrant technicolor land of Oz—leaving the washed out background of Kansas behind– jewelry designers have awakened us to a season bursting with exuberant color combinations. This mood conjures up the same joy and exhilaration as when we sat crossed-legged in awe in front of our TVs.

Whether designers owe their inspiration to my metaphor is open for interpretation but what is evident this season is that one of the main trends in fine jewelry is all about an explosion of color. Many designers cite influences of vivid silks and jewels of India and exotic faraway lands in a freewheeling palette with bold splashes of color.

Color has been coming on strong for quite a few seasons in tonal combinations- it has evolved into one piece depicting a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues.

Irene Neuwirth, Sharon Khazzam, Paula Crevoshay and Mallary Marks have long been proponents of this multicolor palette in bold designs. But even they ramped up the voltage. Irene, with her one-of-kind pieces; Paula in almost life-like interpretations of floral motifs. Sharon continues rock many a jewelry enthusiast’s world with her perfected contrasting colors in myriad cuts and shapes. Polly Wales has moved into larger singular pieces and Venyx World offers up encrusted jewel crown styles rings.

And for those who prefer antique pieces—the harlequin jewels of the Georgian period are on trend and continue to appreciate with value and time. So, if you find a piece, check that all stones are all original and don’t think twice before you figure out a way to buy.