Valentine’s Day 2024

Celebrate Valentine’s day with a gift from the heart for your significant other, daughter, sister, mother or for yourself. It has become a holiday in which we commemorate all types of affection from romantic to familial to self-love and what better way to do this than with a jewel that is symbolic or that you can personalize and customize.

Here a selection of ideas for jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day 2024

Samantha Jackson/ Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry

Cherub Love Token in 14K, with ruby and diamond bezel. Designer Samantha Jackson says “It comes as no surprise that someone chose a cherub to adorn on this love token. In the highly sentimental Victorian era, cupids were a popular motif given as a sentimental symbol of adoration. Whether gifting this pendant or hoping to be struck by Cupid, this is the perfect piece to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day.”


Cherub in 14k, Ruby & NSEW Diamond Bezel


Emily Hirsh/Talon

14K gold Sacred Heart Drop necklace with paved diamonds, which designer Emily Hirsh describes as a symbol of enduring love. Through ups and downs and pain, joy, and growth, love deepens.” She adds. This kinetic piece can be worn with the sword in or out.

Tiffany & Rhonda Bartolacci/Borgioni

Small diamond heart centers 14K chain bracelet

Our goal was to create a modern spin on the Cuban chain bracelet,” says Tiffany Bartolacci. “The diamond heart was just the right touch and is perfect for showering yourself with self-love with a piece you can wear daily or gifting that special someone in your life.”  Available in both rose and yellow gold.

Anne Baker/Anne Baker

Lover’s Pendant set in pink opal with rubellite center with rubies and diamonds. A Feminine pendant in shades of pink and fiery romantic reds for a gift that any receiver will get passionate about.

Jessica Klein/Bondeye Jewelry

Designer Jessica Klein says “there is no better way to say Happy Valentine’s Day than with a nameplate bracelet which can be customized. We designed this bracelet as a sentimental gift, which can be given to your special someone, or if you’re all about self-love, then for you.” This 14K gold bracelet takes on different meaning by engraving it with a significant word, name, dates or setting it with a birthstone or mixing an engraving and a stone.

Shari Cohen/Seal & Scribe

An antique sardonyx stone hand carved seal from the 1800s depicting Cupid rowing on the Sea of Love, using his arrow and little toga cloth for a sail, and his bow as a tiller. Shari Cohen, designer has set it into a modern day ring with graceful wave-like prongs which are open enough to show off the bands of agate in the side of the stone. A charming ring that speaks to the romance of Valentine’s day. Cohen believes that it can be given as a gift but also can be purchase as a talisman for women looking for love.

Cupid Rowing on the Sea of Love

Kate Hubley/K8 Jewelry

Set in 18K gold, Designer Kate Hubley handpicks all of her stones and no two necklaces will ever be exactly the same. The pink and teal sapphires are a vibrant a mix of colors, accented by diamonds, imbuing the piece with presence and a sense of optimism for the future. It is a gift that can be purchased for any of the special people in your life and of course, one that you can also splurge on yourself.

18K Gold Sapphire & Diamond Necklace

Yokabid Worku/Yoki Creations

A pair of three-dimensional heart-shaped stud earrings encrusted with round-cut ruby and diamond pave set in two-tone 18K white and blackened gold.   These sparkling diamond encrusted ruby studs are wearable and visual form of language which is symbolic to the essence passion and enduring love.

Thea Miller/Dru. Jewelry

Large ruby 14K gold Dripping Dagger pendant.
Thea Miller explains, “The pendant is inspired by the Sword of St. Catherin carried by Joan of Arc. Therefore, the Dru. dagger represents a woman’s courage and strength.  This particular one is set with rubies to symbolize the love a woman must have for herself and the ferocity in which she loves others.”

Susan Cohen/Circa1700

18K gold and diamond Victory in Love Ring.

“This ring is represented by three dots (round diamonds) and a dash (baguettes)which is morse code for Victory. And it is in the shape of an arrow because when Love strikes all involved ar victors,”  Regardless of which way the ring faces Victory is revealed to both the wearer and to anyone looking at the ring on the wearer’s hand.”

Dale Hernsdorf/Dale Hernsdorf

Handmade Ethos Necklace in 18K gold and hand-graved in Latin with a pair of words that express core values, names of loved ones, important dates, or anything else worth wearing close to the heart.  Pictured here, virtus and decus translate to “strength” and honor”. Designer Dale Hernsdorf explains, “The Ethos Necklace is a gift to celebrate someone you love and hold close to your heart. Or gift the necklace to yourself, as a reminder of the things you hold most dear.”

Fyi-The heart pendant is two sided (the turquoise on one and the tufted diamond design on the other).

Jennifer DeMoro/Jennifer DeMoro

Interchangeable 18K Gold So Wavy Heart Pendant Necklace with turquoise center on one side and diamond center on the flip side.

“The So Wavy Heart Pendant Necklace reflects the idea that love starts from within ourselves, showcasing how self-love can make a positive impact on everything around us.” Says designer Jennifer DeMoro.


Orly Eisbart/Orly Marcel

Wide Band Symbol Ring in 18K Gold

Says designer Orly Eisbart, “This ring features some of the most powerful spiritual symbols celebrating love (heart), new beginnings (lotus) and (star) trusting you’re inner guide—its great for gifting a significant person in your life or yourself.”

Symbols Cigar Band Ring

Jenifer Thai/ IO Collective

14K yellow gold heart-shaped ring featuring turquoise enamel, pave diamonds encircling and an oval pink center sapphire.“The ring is inspired by the serene Japanese sky and blooming cherry blossoms,” says designer Jenifer Thai. “It is crafted to be a source of joy, symbolizing new beginnings and a feel-good charm.”

Gwen Barba/Gwen Barba x The Seven

Baby’s Breath Small Hoops14K yellow gold with diamonds

“In the world of floral design, baby’s breath is often seen as a modest addition, quietly enhancing bouquets with its airy, delicate appearance. My goal was to contrast this humble yet ethereal flower with the most luxurious materials – diamonds and gold,” says designer Gwen Barba. The hoop earrings in this feeling are easy to wear and versatile and the juxtaposition of the humble flower against the longevity of gold creates a feeling of lasting romance to gift to that person who makes you feel light and lifts you up to recognize your abilities and strength. 

Emily Duffelmeyer/Jean Jean Vintage

Amethyst and Rhodolite Garnet Georgian inspired Half Hoop Rings

“The Georgian half hoop colored stone rings are so hard to come by in excellent condition but they are so popular among collectors,” says Emily Duffelmeyer, designer. “These rings are designed to have the feeling of the originals without the fear of damaging or wearing them down. I have left these open back with silver topped cut back collet settings and have added a vintage band for extra soulful character.” Either one of these rings have meaning that are perfect for Valentine’s day gifting for loved ones or yourself. Garnet means devotion and amethyst, opening to more communication and higher enlightenment.


Shari Cohen /Seal & Scribe

Telle est la Vie / Such is Life 18K yellow gold pendant in an 18K white gold border. Designer Shari Cohen explains, “ No matter how hard we try to control life’s course, there are times when we must navigate rough waters. But it is how we navigate the difficult times that makes us stronger, wiser, and more resilient.” An apropos gift for someone who has been through difficult times and would be thrilled for the symbolism of strength or to gift to oneself as a constant reminder that they will survive the more challenging times.






















Telle est la Vie/Such is Life