Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: How To Get The Jewel of Your Dreams


It’s that time of year when all my women friends tell me secretly what jewelry they want their significant others to purchase for them. I am supposed to discreetly pass this information along, by calling or emailing their romantic partner and offer them my unsolicited ‘expert’ advice. This has always been transparent. Men and women know the reason I am calling and they go along with it because it’s easier than having to choose something themselves. So before you call me, there are a few simple rules to follow to help you get the jewelry of your dreams and not something that will wind up in the dark recesses of your jewelry box.  Enlist a friend to say no you don’t want to gain 10 lbs from the box of chocolates your SO is thinking of with the slinky chemise that you will never put on after you ate the whole box of chocolates in one night. You get the drift. Here we have curated some fun, chic, daring and colorful alternatives to the ‘safe’ read: boring  jewelry that is often the alternative to the chocolate, flowers, sexy lingerie or comfy slippers gifts that you have previously received.


Please find a curation of jewels for Valentine’s Day that could represent the jewel of your dreams :


Nan Fusco: Diamond Daisy Transformable Earrings 

Nan Fusco’s Diamond Daisy earrings are an alternatives to a bouquet of daisies–sweet thought but they wilt. They also trump  a basic diamond stud earring. If you are looking for a jewel that is feminine, sparkly and that you can wear three different ways, these are the earrings for you. Wear them with the stems in front or back of the ear or take the stems off completely and they will add a fresh take to wear as your main earring or part of curations if you have more than one piercing in your lobes.


S H O P   N O W


Berlinger: Art Deco Inspired Hexagon Pendant

Michelle Berlinger’s  Art Deco inspired engraved pendant features delicate milgrain and a round brilliant cut center diamond. Available on 14K white, yellow, or rose gold chain, this delicate piece is perfect to add to your everyday wardrobe. It’s also an understandable and checks all the boxes for the giver of the piece:  it sports a diamond in the center, is a pendant and has just the right amount of textural detail.


S H O P   N O W


Orly Marcel: Mandala Diamond Petal Graduated Necklace

Orly Marcel’s  18K  yellow gold Mandala Petal Graduated Necklaces with diamonds set in each petal offers the glow of gold and glimmer of diamonds in a delicate piece that can be worn on its own or layered with other necklaces. It is based on the mandala motif which in Orly’s collection “opens the wearer up to limitless possibilities.” Hopefully one of those possibilities is to land this beauty for Valentine’s Day.


S H O P   N O W



Samantha Jackson For Heavenly Vices: Tulip Engraveable Signet Ring.

Samantha Jackson for Heavenly Vices’ 14K gold Tulip Engraveable signet ring is one that is perfect for the day. It’s decorated with flowers that won’t wilt. Additionally,  tulips signify ‘A Declaration of Love’ in the Victorian language of flowers. How romantic is that?  And it’s a perfect style ring for all of you who are not hitched yet or getting engaged any time soon. A signet ring  looks nothing like an engagement ring or wedding band, which usually make your significant other go pale when purchasing jewelry.  This will have them feel like they are purchasing a pendant for your finger. And they can personalize it with initials, dates or a word on the outside which, if you are married is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day or any day gift.



S H O P   N O W



Emily Hirsh For Talon: Crowned Heart Pendant

Emily Hirsh For Talon’s 14K gold Crowned Heart pendant is not your ditsy, girly heart necklace that gave a bad rep to receiving heart jewelry on Valentine’s Day or any holiday. Instead it is a modernized symbol of love triumphant. The rubies on the crown represent passion.  This type of jewelry is not only meaningful but it might help your romantic partners express what they are feeling. And if they are guys, they understand hearts.  They tend to understand the ditsy ones more–but you can find a way to lead them in the right direction.




S H O P   N O W


GIGI Ferranti: 14K Graffito Heart Pendant

GiGi Ferranti  14K Graffito Heart Pendant is another unique take on a heart pendant. Gina Ferranti, the designer behind the 14K gold pendant, explains ”it features colorful hues that evoke the appearance of graffiti scrawled out in spray paint.”  The heart is artistic, fun, and completely wearable. The blue color way features a tonal mix of sapphires and amethyst.  It is fun to wear and the 1980s vibe appeals to those who remember the street artists and those just getting to know the style.



S H O P   N O W


Dale Hernsendorf: Studs & Daggers With Moonstones

Dale Hersendorf’s’ 18K studs feature bezel set luminous moonstones accented by dagger drops set with trios of diamonds. The moonstones are associated with love as are the diamonds and the daggers with protection. They are as meaningful as they are edgy in style. These are the type of earrings no guy would understand so if you partner is male, you have your work cut out for you. But get creative with your hints. Speak his language.   Use your ingenuity to lure him with lore and legend or adventure films to which he will relate: Gladiator, Indiana Jones or Harry Potter, whichever will score these earrings you are now lusting after.




S H O P   N O W



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