Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

If you are reading this magazine, you are likely o be a jewelry aficionado who prefers your hearts and flowers in gold and gemstones to those that come in a box of chocolate or are grown in the garden. The Valentine’s  Day Gifts we have gathered include these motifs as well as a sparkling range of love tokens, which are imbued with meaning and are also pieces that can become signature and worn every day.


Karch x Wolfe’s LoveStruck | Wildfire Ring Set which includes a Wildfire crown ring with golden champagne diamond and a sterling silver and garnet LoveStruck ring. We are enamored by this two-style stack that forms an edgy take on a crowned heart, which throughout time has meant “Love Triumphant”



Baltera ‘s 18K gold French knot earrings are available in matte or satin polish. Designed with a current yet classical vibe, these studs evoke the love knot we have seen in different incarnations throughout history and in a range of cultures. The entwining unending circles represent continuity and enduring love.


Dru Jewelry makes a statement with its chunky oval signet ring. Bold yet comfortable to wear this ring is engravable on front and back and can be inscribed with anything from one word to a saying or part of a verse. The rubies surrounding the oval and the accent on top, all represent the passion in which this gift will be given and received.


Jean Jean Vintage’s contemporary interpretations of Victorian wax seals with mottos and motifs create sentimental and romantic gifts in rings and pendants. One side of the pendant displays a full bouquet of flowers with the Italian “Per voi/ For you.” The bouquet is a common motif, seen in English and French seals, and when sent to a close friend, spouse, or paramour, symbolizes all of the sweetness of new love. The reverse side says “non cambio che dopo morte,” which translates to “I am steadfast until death” with an Aspen leaf. This is a reassurance that, despite distance, love and friendship can remain strong.


K8 Jewelry Concept Bijoux’s Vive 14K gold rhodalite necklace evokes romance in the femininity of the design and the high quality reddish pink gemstone, which stands for devotion.


JeweLyrie’s 18K rose diamond floral Y necklace with accent full cut diamonds speaks subtly with the sweet essence of a real flower. The main motif of designer Huan Wang’s necklace is cross between forget-me-not and a daisy and evokes feeling loved and being in love.


GiGi Ferranti’s ‘Lucia’ 14K gold blue sapphire and diamond pave huggies are the earrings that any woman would want to own. They are the perfect size, comfortable and have just the right amount of sparkle. In addition to their wearability, they are filled with romantic meaning. Blue sapphires are associated with fidelity and loyalty and diamonds, for enduring love. Who could ask for more?


Julie Lamb’s NYC Love Token might be a departure from your traditional Valentine’s Day gift idea. But it works for us. Crafted after a subway token with a heart cut out in the middle and the lyrics “if I can make it” there on the back, Julie explains, “Carrie Bradshaw said it best during one of the episodes in the HBO SATC series… ‘New York is my boyfriend’ and I couldn’t agree more!” Like most relationships, being in one with NYC has its highs and lows and is the perfect metaphor for our romantic ones. “You know there will never be anything else like it and you could never stay away too long. This is a token that reminds you of your dedication, which makes the perfect gift for a day, which represents love.


My Story’s diamond-accented, engravable stackable rings are available in yellow, rose and white gold. They can be inscribed with your own sentimental messages or can be purchased with “bestie”, “taken” and “hitched” and a range of other words. Designed to be worn in the different colored metals and one, two or three at a time, or with other rings in your collection, this is one gift that is both significant and fun to receive…or purchase for yourself.


PAMELA ZAMORE (formerly Chasseur Fine Jewelry)

Pamela Zamore has created a delicate circular pendant with a gemstone center that will appeal to woemn who prefers sterling silver to gold. Boho chic mixes with the symbolism of a lotus leaf pattern for new beginnings and moonstone for luck in love—perfect for those starting out in a new relationship or for a self-purchase to bring a new romance into your life.



Loriann Jewelry’s 14K gold moonstone and tanzanite earrings conjure up the magical, mystical feeling of being struck by love. For centuries moonstones have been associated with intriguing and captivating meanings. From the East to the West, the moonstone’s main attribute is…love. Legends include bringing a parted lover back to you, or when two people meet during a full moon and one is wearing a moonstone, they will fall passionately in love. Additionally, it is associated with promoting harmony and a happy future among couples and for any one of these reasons, designer Lori Friedman’s earrings are a perfect Valentine’s gift.



IO Collective’s 14K gold pendants. These feature a modern, delicate and feminine take on a classic love token—the Victorian heart padlock. To add more significance to these necklaces, which are also great for layering, designer Jennifer Thai adds rubies for passion or diamonds for enduring love.


Emily Keifer’s small 14K rose gold locket with a diamond center  “North star”. We are completely taken with this mini treasure, which holds keepsakes such as tiny photos, locks of hair or any object that you want close to your heart. You can wear it on its own as shown or mix it with charms and/or other meaningful medallions.


Created in Collaboration with all the designers featured.