Watching Aida Bergsen’s Garden Grow

Aida Bergsen_portrait (3)

Aida Bergsen wearing snake rings that coil around her fingers

Flowers with leaves and vines that intertwine, lizards that capture smaller insects in their mouths, plants that climb and grow like those in a fairy tale, birds and butterflies that land on a petal of a rose, snakes that coil and wrap around –these are the motifs that create Aida Bergsen’s garden of jewels.

Aida’s flora and fauna pieces reflect both the joyous memories of her childhood as well as the deeper more soulful loss of a father whom she loved and admired. “Hiding out in my childhood garden helped me to heal whenever I would feel the sadness of my father’s passing, ” says the thoughtful and thought-provoking Cyprus-born designer.

Ada was inspired growing up in what she describes as a “magical Mediterranean island where there is such beauty all around — jasmine shrubs, scented roses, orange, lemon, cypress and pomegranate trees and small colorful creatures. She is also informed by her training as a sculptor.

“My work is form-based and figurative and is a play of light and shadow so my approach does not change, whether I’m creating jewelry or sculpting.”

It is in the dimensionality and details, the play of the brightness of yellow gold against the darkness of blackened silver and the motifs that appear both true to life and fantastical that transports the wearer of her jewels to wondrous gardens and touches them on a visceral level.

16.RNG1606 Ring

Fauna Ring.18K yellowgold,oxidized silver with diamonds,rose-cut diamonds,emeralds, green garnets,rubies,blue sapphires and smokeyquartz

Aida is also inspired by mythology from various cultures and civilizations. “From the legends of gods and goddesses to the meaning of snakes and other insects, these are type of stories and symbolism that reveal universal and eternal truths and are an endless source of inspiration for my collections,” she explains. “I might begin with a myth but I take it much further and listen to my heart and my dreams.”

As sculptural and imaginative as her pieces are—they are also versatile and comfortable. A five-finger ring of swallows is light and airy and still allows the hand to move with ease. “I try everything on and work on a piece until I get it just right, which means that it must come from a place of creating something truly unique and beautiful, always remembering that it’s jewelry –adornment for the body, which also must allow for grace and fluidity on the female form.

LG1616 Looking Glass

Looking Glass Magnifier Pendant in 18K yellow gold,rose gold,oxidized silver,diamonds,pink sapphires, opal.

Aida’s newest collection in her flora and fauna series are Convolvulus Sepium pieces “which means beautiful covering” in Latin,” she explains. “This is a climbing plant that could cover everything like old wounds from the past with charming childhood memories.” She adds. These pieces are a mix of 18K gold, blackened silver, enamel and are set with rose-cut diamonds, surrounding everything from large pendants to exclusively cut gemstone rings.



16.NCL1625 Necklace

Fauna Necklace.18K yellow gold and oxidised silver, diamonds, pearls, quartz and enamel.

Although Aida develops themes that are derived from her own beliefs and passions, she says, “I hope that I am also creating jewelry that will evoke different emotions and significance for the woman who wears my pieces. That is my ultimate happiness when it comes to my designs.”


In Collaboration with Aida Bergsen