A Whole Lot of Bling in a record breaking music video

Taylor Swift wearing Neil Lane diamond bracelets necklaces, rings and earrings in a bathtub of bling. Courtesy of YouTube

Not since Marilyn Monroe appeared almost swimming in diamonds while singing about them in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, has a star out blinged her on screen. That was until August 27th when Taylor Swift debuted her new music video and single “Look What You Made Me Do” at The 2017 MTV Music Awards. Swift is submerged in bathtub brimming over with diamonds. Unlike the faux jewels Monroe wore in the 1953 film, the diamonds that Swift wore in the video were borrowed from jeweler to the stars, Neil Lane and were the real deal, reportedly worth over $10 million dollars. Some of Lane’s mega watt sparklers, that were either period or modern pieces, which Swift shone in, included diamond drop earrings, layered necklaces, piled on bracelets and rings on every finger. As for the ‘diamonds filling up the tub, these are up for speculation as to their ‘pedigree’.

Taylor Swift wearing Neil Lane’s rings. Courtesy of YouTube

It is also interesting to compare Monroe singing of renowned jewelers such as Harry Winston, Tiffany and Cartier and the pieces that Swift wore (in addition to those by jewelry rock star, Lane). She donned a roster of independent designers and brands names during the various scenes in the video, while belting out lyrics that had hidden and not so hidden meanings, which slung digs at those she felt dissed and dismissed by during her career.

But let’s get back to our main interest—the jewelry.

In addition Neil Lane’s diamond pieces, bejeweled snakes encircled Swift’s neck, fingers and wrists and even curled around her earlobes.

Taylor wears snake jewelry including a Bulgari Serpenti yellow, white gold, diamond and ruby necklace. Courtesy of YouTube

In the scene with many of the snake jewels—a Bulgari Serpenti yellow and white gold necklace with 10-carats of diamonds and round and pear shaped rubies was the highlight.

Yet, the serpents which wrapped around and climbed up her fingers and featured  Borgioni, Gilian and LeVian diamond versions and a Lydia Courteille double finger ruby creature added a sense of allure and danger as did a Lydia Courteille snake diamond cuff worn in Swift’s hair.

Lydia Courteille Double Finger Ruby Snake RIng, Borgioni Snake Bracelet and Serpenti Bulgari Bracelets. Courtesy of YouTube

Additionally, Borgioni snakes were featured throughout the video in diamond bracelets as well as diamond and ebony hoop earrings.

Almost all of the scenes included jewels and many towards the later scenes took on a powerful, fierce and edgy feeling. These consisted of two Noudar double finger rings, Shaun Leane’s diamond Saber earrings, Jenny Bird’s chokers and Mattia Cielo’s carbon fiber and diamond ring.

Taylor Swift Wearing Jenny Bird Choker. Courtesy of YouTube

Here is the video, which YouTube announced had the biggest 24-hour debut in YouTube history and hold a record for some serious bling.