Women’s History Month: Tiffany Bartolacci of Borgioni

The First of our Women’s History Month conversations with women designs on their passion for jewelry, their brand, what they love to wear and more…


Tiffany Bartolacci/Borgioni, Los Angeles, CA.

Tiffany and her mother Rhonda have been a design duo since they launched their collection in 2006 with every day classic styles to which they added an elevated and luxurious edgy, rock and roll twist. It might sound contradictory but the hand cuff bracelets with the princess cut diamond or baguette rubies and their iconic snake huggies are just some examples of cool girl vibe that crosses the generations. Here we chat with Tiffany about her personal and professional approach to jewelry.









Borgoion 18K gold diamond snake huggies

Borgioni 18K gold diamond snake huggies



When did you first realize that you had a passion for jewelry? 

“When I was very  young.  I specifically remember having yellow gold hoops that had various little charms that I could dangle off the hoops back in the 80’s. Every day I looked forward to styling my ears with those little charms. I think what was appealing to me was the idea that I could wear the same hoop but change it up with the gold dangles.”


What was the first gift of jewelry you every received and at what age?

“My mom gave me the tiniest gold band for my finger when I was under one year old. I still have the baby photo with that little ring on my finger. I gave the same ring to my daughter when she was a baby too. The generational hand me downs are what makes jewelry so special.”


When did you get into the jewelry business? Had you been in another business before?

“ I went to law school, graduated and hated every moment of it. I worked at APA (Agency for the Performing Artists), thinking an agent would be a better fit for me than a lawyer. I was so wrong…”


What is your aesthetic?

“I have always had the same aesthetic since day one, edgy, mixed gold and layered pieces. I layer rose, yellow, white and black rhodium gold. I love the combination of metals, textures and colors. Jewelry tells us so much about  its wearer, and mixing new, vintage, handed down, and trend pieces are what makes it fun and meaningful.”


Who is your customer?

“I design for myself: what I would wear that I find is missing in the market. Lately, I also take into consideration what we are selling most and veer toward that as well. For instance, for the past couple years the piercing trend has been a phenomenon, so we focus slightly on some super cool, everyday studs to go along with that theme.”

Borginoin spike diamond 18K gold bracelet

Borginoni spike diamond 18K gold bracelet



What is your favorite piece you always wear?

“I have two—a pendant with my daughter’s thumb print on it in sterling silver. I added little pave diamonds around the edge with a beautiful rose gold link chain. Second, a paw print pendant my mom made for me after I lost my dog, Sheba. Both are necklaces, which are great layering pieces.”

Tiffany's Favorite pieces gifted to her

Tiffany’s favorite pieces gifted to her



What is your favorite piece of your designs?

“Our skinny baguette handcuff in rose gold in particular. It is unique, handmade and well-priced for what it is. It also works with so many other styles of bracelets in a jewelry collection.”

Borgioni Skinny 18K gold baguette handcuff bracelet

Borgioni Skinny 18K gold baguette diamond handcuff bracelet


Your most cherished inherited or sentimental piece?

“My grandmother gave me a turquoise ring right before she passed away. I always wear that ring when I need good luck.”

The turquoise ring Tiffany's Grandmother passed down to her

The turquoise ring Tiffany’s Grandmother passed down to her


Do you collect other pieces and if so what are they?

“I’m a big fan of Cartier and Hermes. I do collect the Cartier pieces because I love to wear them with our handcuff bracelets. The Hermes bracelets are also very nice additions to my arm.”

Tiffany mixes the Cartier Love Bracelet with a Hermes leather bracelet and two styles of Borgioni handcuff bracelets

Tiffany mixes the Cartier Love Bracelet with a Hermes leather bracelet and two styles of Borgioni handcuff bracelets